Aamir Khan’s role model is Hollywood star Brad Pitt!

For Dhoom:3, the actor wants to have a physique like Brad showed off in Fight Club

Aamir Khan had always been compared to Hollywood actor-director Tom Hanks for similarity in looks and perfectionist attitude (both are even married twice over). He has also been likened to Tom Cruise for his boyish looks and short stature. But guess who Aamir wants to be like: Brad Pitt! Aamir revealed that for Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom:3, he wants to beef up again. But hold on, not like he did for Ghajini, with the hulky look, but more like “Brad Pitt in Fight Club”. Meaning that Aamir is going to sport six- or eight-pack abs again, but will look leaner, sexier and more dishy! About time, since the actor has put on some kilos over the past one year, when he was simply promoting Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat, and had not signed any new films. But what fans would love to see him in is probably a role like Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds. What say?