Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ episode 2 tackles child sexual abuse

Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ episode 2 tackles child sexual abuse

The actor’s TV show this Sunday threw light on another rampant social evil in India

While the topic of the second episode of Aamir Khan’s TV show Satyamev Jayate was already out in the media before the show was aired on May 13, it still came as a shocker to audiences who were not used to seeing such a thing being discussed openly. True, news channels and programmes by NGOs have covered the issue of child sexual abuse before, but families uncomfortable with watching it would simply switch channels while they were being aired. But when the serious issue was being tackled by Aamir Khan, people watched in rapt attention.

Aamir warned parents before the show began that they could send their children to another room in the house, if they felt the contents of the episode were not for them. But he urged them to bring the kids back for a workshop on avoiding child sexual abuse at the end of the show. That itself made people begin to take interest, although viewer numbers are likely to have dwindled considerably for the show that premiered with record television rating points on May 6.

People on social networking sites were not talking about SJ as much as they did when the first episode was being telecast. Some accused Aamir of borrowing the ‘idea’ of his show from Barkha Dutt’s We the People, even ‘borrowing’ some of the victims from either Barkha’s show or Zindagi Live. But in saying that, these people seemed to have missed the point.

Child sexual abuse is a serious offence with serious psychological and physical repercussions. You could bring forth this topic for discussion countless times and at various fora, but it’s still not enough. By showing victims such as Cinderella Prakash, Anamika and Harish Iyer, who openly shared their experience with viewers and urged parents to listen to their children, Aamir has again brought to the foreground something which is an absolute no-no as far as drawing room discussions are concerned. Kudos to him for that.

The counsellors on Satyamev Jayate talked about very important points in helping avoid abuse against your children. Some of them are:

- Listen to your child and believe him/her when they are trying to tell you about something unusual happening to them.

- Teach children to respect the ‘behaviour’ of elders and not just respect them for being older. (This one’s trending big time on Twitter)

- Abusers are most likely to be from the family or someone close to the family. Look out for them.

A shocking fact that came out in a research report was that 53 percent of child sexual abuse victims were male children, although more female cases were reported. Another fact: 53 percent of all children in India have been abused some time or the other. Quite an alarming figure.

The workshop at the end of the show, guided by a doctor, was something which is a must for every child and parent. If you have missed it, catch the episode online on the Satyamev Jayate website [http://www.satyamevjayate.in/] and, as Aamir said, try and hold this workshop with your children or even the neighbourhood kids at least once every six months. After all, just like a child must know never to accept an eatable from a stranger or never to touch an unclaimed bag (there might be a bomb in there), he or she MUST know what kind of behaviour from an adult is within limits and what is not.

After watching Aamir’s show, one just hopes that the sexual abusers and paedophiles out there understand that what they have been doing is NOT funny.

Actor Sridevi‘s guest appearance to cheer up Harish seemed to lighten up the mood a bit, and the show soon ended with a song rendered by composer Ram Sampath.Subscribe to me on YouTube



    it is the best moment in my life when i watch the
    Satyamev Jayate.thank u Aamir sir.

    • gangadhar chauhan

      sir tody im verry happy qki apne aaj jo min krna chaht tha wo kiya.

  • Bias

    A good initiative taken towards girl child….. Realy appreciate that… Thank you Aamir Sir.



  • jyotirmayee choudhury

    amaising show iike this programme and thans to amirji….ek different show banaye hamareliye thanks…

  • jyotirmayee choudhury

    aur ek baat batana chahatihun ke jinko kids nahin hotehen wo bhi torture hotehen hamare socity me husbands jo hotehen wo chhodke chale jaten to unkeliye bhi plz ek episode banye..than i shall very grateful to u..

  • mahendrakumar

    it is the great show in my life. its not just a show its a MOVEMENT!!…SATYAMEV JAYATE! Thank u Aamir sir.

  • Hiral Riteshkumar Shukla

    sometimes friends are also responsible for forcing us on wrong direction so u should make the young people to understand that they should think and they can discuss their problems with one guide. And u can make a website so people can share their problems and get right guidance without feeling shame because sometimes they can not discuss with their parents or elders.i hope u will think and help out young generation and they will come with change and will make INDIA proud.

  • suhani

    todayss show was really shoching for mee….i never knew that sometym boyzz also face this…

  • Anita Raman

    Hi Amir today’s episode was also too good I have a suggestion that the work shop done on your show was good this has to b done in schools also every 2 nd month for all the kids. And in the movies too at the beginning this work shop shud b shown .you shud also make a kids movie for them to understand better like ur movie Taare zameen par..and I live in UAE how do I vote ???

  • anitha

    Today’s SJ episode goes to help number of families to teach their children and protect them from wolves. The workshop was very excellent. Aamir Khan has done a great service to the nation. This work of Aamir Khan can only be compared with efforts taken by real freedom fighters. He is fighting with evils in our society. We are with you. We demand for strong law against child abuse. Nation is with you.

  • keya dutta

    thanks aamir sir

  • Varsha

    Today’s show is a real shocker and a must see for all the parents.

  • indulekha

    It was an excellent show really an eye-opener. I salute the courage of the people who came forward to share their experience/agony with us. It makes us aware that this can happen to our child also and be cautions of such persons. Trust ur children and be with them always when they need u. Talk to them and teach them that this does happen in our society and do object or protest if such things happen to them.

  • supreet thakur

    Aamir alwayzzzz hit………..

  • rajesh singh

    hi! i watched your both episodes………regards to law against child abuse,i am in favour of a strong law…….

  • shilpa

    dnt critiz the show,appreciate what impact it has…..it takes courage to do these kind of show and mak people listen to u……kudos 2 aamir and team…..we need to wake up guys and accept it…..do the need full 2 avoid such situations…..

  • Preet Mann

    Amazing what Aamir is doing for his people or his country. I think we must support the show and the media who are raising these sensitive issues to bring positive changes in our country. we must not accept the abuse in any shape or form towards any adult or child and for that we have to keep our open mind.

  • sk

    its a really helpful show for parents and children..but missed the point what make people pedophile,how to motivate them to not do such activities…othrwise show was good ..

  • mahendrakumar

    what a program! Hats off again to aamir khan… such a good show. I’ll recommend everyone to watch this show.

  • kanchan solanki

    4 me ‘A’ means awsome n ‘AAMIR’ each n every movie of aamir is full of inspiration n at the same time if u really feel of doing somethng even a bit 4 ur country its 4 dem……. from mangal pandey to RDB to DIS show ……. words cant express the feeling… the noble cause the social awareness dis show is spreading its remarkable……….. n it once again tells us dat no country is perfect , its v the citizens who can make it perfect…….. n this is the vry frst step to dis phrase………..

  • MV

    Amazing show once again. Aamir Khan deserves all the praise to even think about and bring such a sensitive topic to our homes. Listening to the victims of childhood abuse was so emotional. Hats off to all the victims for being so brave and talk on the national TV so that other children can be saved. How and where can I sign the letter to make a stringent law against the perpetrators of child abuse.

  • sulbha sharma

    Mujhe ye episode bahut hi achcha laga,thanks. Dhanya hain wo log jo itna openly public ke samne aakar apne upar hue abuse ko keh paye. Aise to lakho log hain jo sari jindagi na jane kitna kuch bardasht karte hain aur aese hi is dunia se chale jate hain,mai bhi unme se ek hoon. Me 49+ yr ki hoon aur aaj bhi mera rape ho raha hai. Koi bahar wala nahi mere husband hi mera rape kar rahe hain. Mai janti hoon mai publicly kabhi bhi ye baat nahi kah paoongi, mere jaisi na jane kitni women hongi jinka unke husband hi rape karte hain kyonki we na sunane ke aadi nahi hote hain. “sex after marriage” per bhi ek episode banayen aur men ke liye bhi agar kuchch pabandiyan lagayi ja saken to shayad bahut si women jo apni ichcha ke khilaf apna sharirik shoshan karwati hain (majboori me) us per kuchch lagam lag jaye. Thanqu once again Mr Aamir logo ki antratma ko jagane ke liye.

  • Sujata Gaikwad

    Dear Amir
    Firstly, congratulation on Satyamev Jayate. I have just watched your 2nd episode in which you covered the subject about child abuse.

    I have lived in the UK all my life and very much aware of the horrific things that happen every day, but I was gobsmacked to hear that 53% of children in India are sexually abused. One child going through this horror is one too many but 53%, I am stunned.

    It is about time the subjects that are regarded as taboo in India are discussed openly and confronted head on.

    Well done, you have opened up a forum for discussion. Your program is making every individual in India watching your program think about issues that are important and matter.

    I hope you will succeed in getting the Indian Government to push this very important bill through Parliament.

    I wish you and your program all the success for the future.

    Kind regards
    Sujata Gaikwad
    Cardiff, South Wales, UK.

  • vidyashri

    apke dono bi episode bahot acche the.jisase pure bharat desh ko bahot kuch sikne ko mil raha hai.jai hind,jai bharat

  • indira.

    Amir Khan WOW what a SHOW . Satyamev jayate YOU DOING THE GREAT SHOW WE watched ur show , WE love your so much we can’t wait wait for ur show keep up the good work once again congrats for show you being so much knowlage to people .now i hope your programe bring some kind of changes in the world you have to go to right person who will listen and take actions .GOOD LUCK x

  • Anita

    We in India need programs of sort to make us all aware of the menace around us. Every episode is heat rendering and it becomes very difficult to decide which is the most horrifying episode and we should salute those brave souls who tell us their horrifying realities of their live. The culprits should be punished severely so that mere a thought should take away their lives. They should be rendered important. So that they suffer through out their lives for having done such heinous crime



  • Sarita

    Another touching and sensitive portrayal of a problem brushed under the carpet or not looked into the eye.
    Really courageous on the part of the victims to come out in the open and face the stigma and the self doubt and yet carry on afresh after ridding themselves of their tormenters
    Such people who exploit children are cowards and beasts and must be exposed and ostracized and punished

  • saqueeb islam

    aamir khan ji mujeh aap ka show bhout acha lagta hai kyu ki ise logo ko pure madat mil rehe hai…….me umed karta hu ki ise samaj sudarehe ga…..INSHAALLAH…..

  • Rianna

    Hi Amirji,
    I do not know how to say but you are doing a great job. I am not Indian but somehow we have the same culture. In my motherland where i born, most of them treats their mother, sister,even wives very badly. You can find everything in my WATAN…..

  • vaishali

    once again great job aamir,u hv mentioned that there should be aware broutht to children thro parents but there is one suggestion that there should be workshop in schools also.once again congrats and best luck,u hv actually proved that u need nt be a politician to work for such good work.





  • Manna Sharma

    hi Amir,

    me mera pitaji,mammi,sister,brother aur meri wife aapka program Satyamev Jayate ko bade hi diyan se dekte he. aapni desh ki halat ko dekhte hue, jis subject ko aap dekhate ho wo aaj k samaj ke liye bohot hi zaroori he, pata nahi kyu mujhe esa lagta he ki is program se hamare samaj,politics,system, hamare soch ne andaz badal sakta he..jo hamare India aur hamare liye achi baat he….

  • Mahendra Jain

    My Dear Amir,
    Really “Team Amir” is moving and playing vital role and giving multi level messages to society. Sowing the seeds for change in Moral,Ethics,Sense of responsibility and finally The Reconstruction of Humanity in the Indian Public,which we last from last 2/3 decades.
    Shortly we will feel the result of the sincere efforts of Team Amir.
    Mahendra Jain



  • aksh

    well these things happen a lot.. even in buses i have seen many a time elderly men fondling kids.. esp young gals old enuf to ther grand daughters and many times i have warned mothers that don allow ur daughters to sit with stranger men however old they may seen,,, this is a request to all other mothers pls notice the change in ur child’s behaviour… his/her silence speaks a lot…

  • aksh

    the scars of incidents like this haunts the victim for a ifetime… i told a mother once that pls don allow the ur daughter to sit with stranger and she gave a look that meant none of ur business..

  • pradeep deshpande

    Dear Mr.Amir Khan,

    The nation that kept shrugging the moral responsibility when it came to sex selection followed by female infanticide that in turn jeopardized male;female ratio during last four decades,has now watching you in your satyamev jayate and wiping the tears at the same time. Yes. You have spoken about the most inconvenient truths hidden under most convenient myths on gender justice.
    You came up again today with another episode that narrated the facts on Child abuse around. But both the issues have also come up with possible solutions and that has provided some relief and moral support for the victims and their parents.
    Both the prog.released so far have some bearing on the age old contradictions between family and society along now the society and the individuals within.But you have moved a step ahead by showing the areas that have helped bridge the gaps within as well.
    When we say that India is still a nation in the making we also mean to speak out for the societies and communities that aid such nation in process.You have lubricated the wheels of progress on the move.
    Surely this move will be a movement soon.
    Feel so great and proud in your initiatives and my best wishes for your efforts that have lent one more concrete option for securing gender justice.
    warm regards with love ..

    pradeep deshpande.

    (engaged in various secular initiatives for two decades )

  • Dr. Trambak k jharia

    Dear Aamir khan,
    There are so many viewers who will appreciate your work and that you deserve. In my opinion so called politicians and beaurocrates should watch your show and take some moral responsibility for these issues and should take some vital actions.
    Jai hind.

  • Begum Sen

    I think its never late until you have tried to do something for a reason that leads to a good cause.

    I had also gone through child abuse at different age, in my childhood.

    I always used to wonder when will that day come which will bring awareness in parents all over India. Today my dream has come true.
    I used to write…sometime ago about life of different people who goes through similar nature of abusement,including my own experience in website. In a week i used to get near 2000 readers and 10 – 12 reply about a particular article.
    I appreaciate your effort towards my dream, to bring it into reality.

    Begum Sen

  • Aamir Sayed

    Dear Aamir Khan,
    You are doing a very great work me and my family love your show we are with you in fact every citizen of this country is with you. You keep doing your great work and don’t think that you are alone we all are with u and ofcourse Allah is always with u.

  • sam

    i watched todays show… i felt that it is fake.. is anyone here finds this show is fake like me.. i am not criticizing but what is i just want to know

    • smita

      sam, grow up!!!!!you are either naive or dumb

  • mr and mrs bhavesh

    aamir sir,
    i and my fmly watch your programe and r very much impressed. my whole fmly is supporting u, u do the best and we r with u.
    every criminals big or small should get back for what they did

  • lalit agarwal

    hello sir
    myself lalit
    truely speaking i have not yet seen your program satyamev jayate but have heard alot 4rm everyone..around me..n i really support n salute ur effort to bring a new clean n safeful india for childrens of our upcomin generation.

  • kalyani muley

    Dear Amir Sir,
    I am really very much thankful to you, You are doing the great job for nation . This is helping us lot to be aware of such important issues. Specially your second episode about child sexual abuse was really helpful for me,Me and my parents ,we all regularly watch your show on every Sunday.Those mothers who are not enough educated and are aware of this issues , They really don’t know whats going on in outside world. They don’t even discuss such problem’s with their children and its really very difficult to make them understand such horrifying issues and your show is really working out and i think its correct path to guide them.
    Another think i really wanted to mention is about your workshop, Excellent work ,very good idea given to children’s,which really made them understand how to tackle such problems.
    Sir, As you discussed about the program for child sexual abuse, I personally request you that you should conduct one episode on that what is the cause behind child sexual abuse ,why people are so harsh to children’s, Why they think to do such nonsense things.
    I, Am also thankful to those people,they had really done the great job and i really respect them for this. Its very hard to share such facts of their life,Live on the television and they are doing these for the sake of public so that our coming generation should not suffer.This is really awesome , and i salute them for this.

  • banerjee

    I am a father of one beautiful daughter of 3 years old. After watching Amir Khan’s show my wife has become so paranoid that she started looking at the whole male community as pedophile, child abuser and rapist. She is scared if the little girl mingle with any male, include myself, uncle, grand father etc. She does not trust me or any male in the world. Amir, you also need to send the message that all males are not child abuser. There also exists healthy relation between father-child, grand father-child, uncle-child.

  • Imran khan

    Mujhe apka child sexual abused wala show behad pasand aya.aur main & sara INDIA chahata hai ki iske khilaf sakht se sakht law banaya jai .

  • arefa lashkar

    i want to shear my perosnal experance with you.i live in kuwait. when my son was 8 years old.he went for tution little far from my house.one day when he was return from tution one man ask him come with me i will give you chips choocklet and we will watch movie,my son was afraid and he asked me.every one said dont reached him alone you will go with him. but i i made him understand dont afraid and when you face this type of situation ran and sout.that day and this day my son is not facing that type of situation.

  • indu


    Today’s Episode talks about Sexual Abuse. But i think it would be better if it would have been for street children. It is very mandatory for them to know all this stuff to be aware of people like this.

  • rahul sharma

    heads of 2 u amir k log jis bare me baat b ni krna chahte tum ne us pr sochne ko mazboor kia ab govt ek badiya kanoon banaye bus, thnx amir

  • aakanksha sharma

    hi sir, i really lik ur episode on child sexual abuse n i support u wid grt respect dat u r doing a responsible job 4 our country.

  • divya thakur

    hello sir,
    I rely loved your show on child sexual abuse..it was rely good for the coming youth to know about these sorts of issues.. I think you r doing a grt job..

  • eesha

    aamir is great. he is a true blue superstar. may god bless him

    • khalid hossain

      I think God has bestowed Aamir with such unique qualities n personality with which every piece of stone turn into gold he touches.God will be with him.

  • Tanuja Pawar

    Hello Sir

    It was reply fanstatic show and issues which you have taken are very nice. B’coz of your show the reality comes out and which is happend in our society. it is need to share with public. this is such serios issue and we need take some action for resolve this collectively. We really liked you show. you are doing such a great job. we love you.

  • suman

    Hats off to AAMIR SIR,
    TOPIC DISCUSED WAS UNEXPECTED but very important and necessary to be discussed.
    SIR I think all the schools must also do a workshop on this .

  • Madiha Khan

    very much sensitive issue discussed in this episode, and it is very very much necessary to guide our children and to develop a sense of alarm in them when any person stranger or close one try to do some thing unusual & amoral with them.

    Also we showed create a strict lawful clause of this offense for the abuser, so that any one else would never try to do these amoral practices.

  • gyanendra gupta

    dear sir

    good bless for you and your seriyal. me aap se bhout prerit hua or mene bhi aap ki therh buraiyo ko mitane ka hosla buland kiya he ,ane wale samey me aap or aap ka seriyal bharat ki chavi jarur badlega me or mera pariwar or mere sabhi sathi aap ke sath he

  • Dr.sneha

    hi sir,
    the issue discussed was really heart touching& is also a kind of lesson to people who have no awareness about it….like a child abuse even many females will be facing the sexual abuses…so plz do consider that issue also & plz direct such females about how to come out of such abuses through your show…..


    keep it up.please open the eye of judicial and our concern authorities.


    Dear Sir ,
    Its very grate work to show the evils of society through this episode . it must helps to change the minds of the people.

    Keep Going,

  • Dr. Surabhi gupta

    Dear Amir Khan,
    God bless you!!I and my whole family are big fan of yours.Your show is awesome,heart touching,bold and master piece. Hats off to & ur team.I am relieved and thankful to u for producing such a relevant show with such relevant, burning issues plaguing our society. All the issues aired used to disturb me also and I am thankful that a personality like yourself is talking about them. NOW WORLD WILL SIT UP AND LISTEN AND HOPEFULY CONCERNED AUTHORITIES WILL TAKE SOME CONCRETE ACTIONS. A lots of thanks

  • madhavi sarkar


  • sindhu

    Hi i am very happy for ur show as my own BF had gone through this mentally … His friend (gay)
    used to torture both of us mentally b coz of him …he is stayin far away from me now and working hard to settle down … both of us was so depressed that we coud not concentrate on our studies … finally we some hw came out of it … its been 5yrs for our relationship now i am happy to see smile on his face.. please i request all not to speak with any of th e strangers … guys please listen they literally ruine ur life in which we have gone through i am there for this cause…thank you aamir khan and team..

  • anand

    you are doing good work for society.

  • Kalpesh Poojara

    Mr. Amir Khan,
    Why dont you show sensible issue of those Doctors doing very cheating-commercial practice and Teachers literally looting people by doing private tuitions.I request you to show such issues.
    Thanks& Regards,
    Kalpesh Poojara.


    I really like ur episode on child sexual abuse n i support u wid grt respect dat u r doing a responsible job 4 our country


    Ammir ji, apka aaj ka program bahot acha laga, aise jagruti ki samaj ko jarurat hai,jo bhi ye program dekenge , ya jo nai dekh paye , unhe bhi kisi na kisi jaryse malumat ho jayegi, to ukna bhi confidance badega , apki bat sab ke samne rakhengi , aur jinke sath aise kuch ho raha hai , uska pratirod karne ka, aise bahot sare log jo bol nai pate hai, unke man me 1 darsa rahta , lekin muze ase lagta hai ki unka bhi confidance badega aur is jurm ke khilaf awaj uthayenge,

  • Diya

    aamir sir is doing a great job……hope all other episodes will be great too…

  • Rajeswari

    Amir sir it was a nice topic for both kids and parents. We gained lot of awareness out of it. Thanks a lot.We were not knowing how to teach the kids and how to protect themselves in the society.The workshop was very good.


    Dear Aamirji, its a very very inspirational and motivational programme for our society, culture, and also our nation to stop that all those whats happenig after india’s independence. ye azadi se to wo gulami hi achhi thi. yaha apne hi log apne ko marne pe tule hai. aise samay me har ek show ke jariye des me, samaj me, or hamare kahne wali sanskruti me ek nayi kranti ka elan karne ja rahi hai. its really look like a very great movement, and i m sure in future its defenitely influence in our society as well as our nation.


    AAMIRJI, after seen your movie sarfaroz your really become my hero, my motivational and inspiration person, but after 3 idiots you are my idol person. SATYAMEV JAYATE ye vichar aana hi apne aap me ek mahanta hai, increadible india, sanskruti, samaj or des ke bare me sochana thats level of greatness, and i really so happy that you are my idol person.

  • Uzma Ali

    Allah duniya ke tamam maasum bachchon ki hifazat kare, Aameen, lekin hifazat bhi kisse ? Apnon se ? jinse ye masum pyar karte hain, yaqeen karten hain..
    Agar sari mothers alert hon to in sab se kafi had tak bachcha ja sakta he,,
    I have a daoughter, and I acknowledged her about good touch & bad touch when she was in first standard..


    he way Aamir Khan is presenting the major issues and important issues bringing in the awareness of the current generation and specially prevention workshop for the children its just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sulthana

    hai aamir ur 2nd episode was really an useful message given 2 all people especially to the parents who trust their friends,neighbours,relatives after watching ur 2 nd show will be alert an careful about their child .moreover children will get courage to handle those critical situations.hats off to u sir

  • abhishek anshika

    First, i liked u to congrats for the success of the show and to telecast this on private and government channel both. I salute u for ur thinking to make something differntent as u usually done in bollywood. I request u to plz make a show on” policts of india”
    . Thaks & JAI HIND

  • soni kaur singapore

    hi Aamir first congrat for the success of your show the second episode on child sexual abuse i am glad to know that there is a helpline for the children to call in regards to their problem i request the call nomber 1098 be used worldwide i am also going to request my country sos to make this number official in singapore too which is definitely easy for a child to have it embedded in their mind and call through any crisis. TKS for the good eye opening programme very motivating

  • swayamprava

    hello sir,
    i am very glad to see ur progrme
    it is a innovative way to create attention on major issues and important issues bringing in the awareness of the current generation and specially prevention workshop for the children its just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arshid


  • usha

    osssssooommeee amir ossome

  • farida

    if such a fantastic programme is telecasted once in 15days or a month it will create more impact

  • Shashank Indian

    It’s very nice program

  • Dr. Mamta Tomar

    This programme has new concept and substance. I don’t know which of other topics Aamir Khan is going to take up but my earnest request to Aamir to take up the issue of “Pollution in our sacred rivers”. people & even Authorities are going to listen him seriously and may be some strong steps must have been taken in this regard.

  • Rashmi Jadli

    Its is very nice concept. well done aamir.

  • kanchan

    it is a nice concept.i luv it. by this concept all young star will support u. keep it up aamir g.

  • Sundari

    I wish we could keep the topic of your second episode fresh in everybody’s mind. A lot of people are still in denial and schools need to start implementing programs in their curriculum that addresses this issue. Kids need to know and be aware as well! Parents need to know to look for warning signs which I know is not easy to do. The key is to go to someone you trust and talk to them. Unfortunately though there are too many kids who have no one to turn to. Mr khan, I applaud your effort and hope this creates the ripple effect that is very much needed and more people get involved in your cause.

  • sunita

    Hi Amir i want to give a special thanks to you as my daughter is also a victim of child sexual abuse. When she was only 2 years old. Now she is six year old and Doing well but i have remembered all those things and still tring to forget them.



  • wasim shaikh

    Hi aamir,thankyu very much for raising such issues.u r the real hero..u r encouraging children facing sucg prbms 2 fight & tell such prbm to their elders without any hesitance….good job…Plz TRY TO RAISE ISSUE SUCH AS HONOUR KILLING…..

  • Lisa

    I really admire and support Aamir in his cause. Child abuse is prevelent in our society. But due to parents’ belief “this can’t happen to our children”, there isn’t any hope for those who suffer. I was abused too, back in 2007 when I was barely 11 years old. We need to make parents aware of all this. Once again I’m grateful to Aamir for his efforts. Keep up the good work.

  • gurjeet kaur

    sir whatever u do its really always teaches a lesson to every one, thanks to u :)

  • jyoti

    Hi Amira Khan i want to give a special thank to you, as i am also a victim of child abuse. Now i am mother of a daughter and i always try to protect her from which i gone. Even though it happen 25 years back i can’t forget that. Now i am 32year old. Your programma help me to come out.

  • suchita

    hi Aamir thanks for arising these type of issues. as a parents we r always afraid of these things that how we should protect our child . because of ur efforts it become easier for us