Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to be aired on DD1 and Star Plus

Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to be aired on DD1 and Star Plus

The actor’s chat show will be telecast on the national channel as well as on the Star bouquet simultaneouly

Now this is definitely a first. Never has a television show in India been telecast on a private channel as well as the government platform Doordarshan. But Aamir Khan’s first TV show, Satyamev Jayate, will set a new trend. It will premiere on Sunday, May 6 at 11am on Star Plus – the channel which is behind the show – and DD1 as well. It will also be shown on Star’s regional language channels including Marathi and Bengali. A dubbed version will be telecast in the four south Indian languages of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

The reason for this strategy, according to Aamir Khan, is the fact that many homes in the interiors of India still don’t subscribe to private channels via cable or satellite. And since the show is about the common man and his issues, Aamir wanted it to reach every home. He, of course, thanked the Star Plus officials for letting him do this one-of-a-kind experiment.

But wethinks Aamir is again taking a cue from epic shows Ramayan and Mahabharat, which broke all viewership records on the Sunday slot because they were aired on the national network. Never mind that at the time, DD was the only channel. The fact is that in order to truly reach the masses, even some rare people who do not know who he is, Aamir will have to be seen on Doordarshan as well. Hat’s off to him for thinking of this marketing gimmick. The question is, will Sony now do the same with Kaun Banega Crorepati?

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  • Harsh

    i like this program

    i am waiting for see this program……..

  • rohit thakur

    aaj 6th may ka show kuch maza nahi aaya ……..mujhe laga ki yah bachho ke liye nahi tha………..lekin aamir ne bahut aacha host kiya…………ilike this show………..mujhe agle show ka wait hai * plus…………

  • lalani kinjal

    6th may show is super v.good.aaj ka show dekh kar koi to bdlega apne soch for girl.that is shure..mens this show gat v.sucessfullnes………………………………………
    because alwaya stayamev jayte…………………………

  • raghunath

    Sunday Morning of 6th May made me restless. This show by Aamir Khan is really an eye opener for those who hate a female baby. I salute all those mothers who could save their daughters despite the adverse conditions at their home fronts.

  • Dinesh Dhiman

    Aamir ji aapne bahut achhe tarike se samaj ke upar bhrun hatya ke ho rhe prabhao ko rakha aapka prayas srahniye hai.Aapko is prayas ke liye badhai.pichle 10 years se hum bhi apne limited sadhno se samaj ki jagrukta ke liye kaam kar rhe hai.ye show dekh kar lagta hai ki agar aap jaise logo ka sahyog mile to hum aur bhi achha kaamsamaj ke liye kar sakte hai.

  • Bidyut Saina

    thanks amir….

  • pratiksha

    Amir sir sabse pahale apko aur iss show ko ham
    ara salam. hamain yakin hai ki, apki iss koshishse hamain apne Bharatka naya rupe dekhaneko milega. 6th May ka episode accha tha. hum apke satj hai. Jay Hind.

  • Tarun sharma

    Hi.Amir you & your program
    both are awesome.this program will touch the heart.thanks again.sunday morning.hit hay bhai.

  • s h shukla

    Hallo Amir,
    Awesome program.Touched the heart.
    We are with you.

  • sanwar rajasthani

    Hello, amir sir u n your programe satyamev jayate is great. Iagree with u n supported any way. Love u n thanks…sir !

  • pradeep patel

    thenk sir g

  • smriti kaushal

    aamir sir in every show of satyamav jayte u said we donot hurt any one even whom are commeted in any crime so what u are doing for victim people please leave this show otherwise u should take action verse such a pepple

  • Anish Gupta

    Dear Aamir,

    Sir, You discuss the correct topic everytime.This time it was water.In this episode you discussed about saving the water resourses, But you forget to discuss about saving the water which is being used in every day to day life by the people.Every day so much of water is being waisted by people.You should have also discussed about how, when and where people can save the water which they are using/waisting everyday.