Aamir Khan’s son Azad to watch Dhoom:3!

Dhoom:3 star is unhappy about hectic schedule that’s keeping him away from his family, but may be AK can rejoice the moment when beta Khan will watch his film

Aamir Khan’s son Aazad Khan will soon watch his first film, which happens to be dad’s much awaited movie Dhoom:3. Aamir and Kiran must definitely be excited to to see what their little bundle of joy’s reaction to Aamir’s clown thief avatar will be. Aamir has been busy with work commitments and the actor feels guilty about not spending enough quality time with family. While the Peekay actor has had his family on sets he wished he didn’t do as many films at a time. Aamir in a recent interview said,  “I have always felt that I am not spending enough time with my children and family. I spent 25 years with this guilt. The problem is that I get so lost in my work that I don’t realise it. I feel guilty that I am so self-centred. But, I think I am a good father and a good husband. We feel blessed to have Azad in our lives. His face lights up our life. Now he has started going to play school but earlier he would not let me leave for work and I would end up taking him on my shoots.”

With Dhoom:3, Peekay and the second innings of his television show Satyamev Jayate 2 work the actor has been occupied. With Azad having turned a year old recently we hear that Jr Khan has also maanged to learn some Tap dance, from daddy? We wonder what his reaction will be when he catches dad on 70mm. We’ll wait to find that out from Aamir, na peeps?