Aamir to turn writer for Kiran

The actor-filmmaker is planning to write a totally commercial script that his wife will direct

Aamir Khan is will soon don one of his older hats again. The actor-turned-producer-turned-director-turned-item boy is all set to pen a script after 18 long years. “I got this idea and I discussed it with Kiran (Rao, his wife), Mansoor (Khan, his director cousin) and Nuzhat (Mansoor’s sister). We will start work on the script next month. It will be a totally commercial venture. But I can’t say for sure we are making the film. Four months down the line, we may not like the script.” But even if it does work out, Aamir won’t be directing the film.  “Kiranji (yes, he actually called her that!) will be directing it. It’s a commercial film, so it will be totally new for her, too.” Kiran has only one film – the arthouse Dhobi Ghat – to her directorial credit so far. Aamir also reminded us that this is not the first time he will be writing a script. “I co-wrote Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke,” he said. The difference is, this time, he will be writing it with his own family. Now Kiran we can understand, and even Mansoor, but Nuzhat? Why her? She is not a professional writer or anything. Our guess is that after having a tough time working with outsiders like Anusha Rizvi and Amol Gupte, Aamir has finally decided to work with close family to avoid such conflict. Is that right, Aamir?