Aashiqui 2 movie review: Watch this one only for Aditya Roy Kapur!

Aashiqui 2 movie review: Watch this one only for Aditya Roy Kapur!

The Bhatts have said this one is not a sequel to Aashiqui, but a retelling of a love story. But does it work, even with the title adding value?

When we first heard about Aashiqui 2 we, like almost everyone else, thought it would be a sequel to the first, which made Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal instant stars. That neither of them managed to follow up on that success is a different story, but the film told a tale that could possibly be continued into the future, perhaps into a new generation. However, Mahesh Bhatt the producer and Mohit Suri, the director of the film, made it clear that the second film merely had the same name; it was not connected with the first in any other way, they claimed. Logically speaking, the name itself should have ensured some degree of success…but no, that is not happening at all!

This one kind of reminded us of A Star is Born, or even its desi version Abhimaan, with none of the quality – of either acting or filmmaking. Yes, Suri tries very hard; yes, the music is passably decent; yes, the story has potential – it is about two young people, Rahul (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Aarohi (Shraddha Kapoor) who are both singers, he the established star, she the wannabe. He helps her, she becomes the star while his career fades fast…you know the spiel.

The romance is sweet, but old-fashionedly so, with none of the steamy, sexy stuff that audiences are used to these days. This one could have been an emotional ride, but is rather more like a sputtering, stalling, sickening BEST bus trundling through the mean streets of Bollyland.

While Shraddha looks pretty, fragile and earnest, Aditya does have his moments of glory, more so because he is good to look at, manages to deliver his lines without sounding like a child reciting a lesson in the classroom and has a track record that we like, with London Dreams, Action Replayy and Guzaarish to his credit. What does work better than expected is the chemistry between the two young leads – it could be real and will probably spawn some gossip!

Should you watch this one? Yes, if you have not much else to do.

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

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  • abir

    bollywoodlife reviewer is very harsh.always give rating less than three for most of the movies.meaningless review

    • satish

      your right besause of its a sensational movie

      • khan

        I advise to all I indian audience do not go for this movie
        Its all time boring movie hero acting is worst and I think this mahesh bhat lost his mind made ashiqui 2

  • hakikat

    wtf……bollywoodlife…aap logo ko pani mein doob marna chahi ye……

  • ammy

    At least bollywood life give genuine review, better than Taran Adarsh. Nothing in the movie boring music and except a valuable title.

    • maria

      i doubt you even saw it…


    why d reviewer is going harsh ? its very easy to show negatives nd thats what the reviewer has done…….not a good review at all

  • arun daved das

    i love this movei

  • sonu

    bhaiya batao kaishi movie please call me this no.858785804

  • mohd afzal

    i love this movei good u r

  • Aan Rana

    awsssmmmmm movieeeeee i luv this movie <3

  • rajeev

    it is one of d best luv stories i have ever seen. music is gr8.
    the critic should make a movie and leave the criticism or appreciation part on us – d viewers.
    go 4 it guys.
    u will not be disappointed in any sense of the way rather u will go 4 a repeat viewing.

    • vivek

      Clearly You havent seen note book

      Aasiqui 2 start good but then it looses it
      the scenes are very repetative in the it felt like they just trying to increase the time of the movie.

    • anuj

      i m agree 4 u….

  • rubz

    Love this movie

  • vishal shah

    its a great movie

    love is trully the one person he has a know the movie value

  • Mani Pandey

    Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Everybody please readddddddddddddddddddd

    I dont what is going wrong with indian cinema director MOHIT SURI DIRECTOR of ashique2 i should say film is just awesome the actresses shraddha kapoorrrrrr is just too good in her acting and role in the movie and also ADITYA ROY but i dont know what happened to him and story writer till end the it is good to watch but in the end the hero died spoiling all the charisma and romance of the movie.
    The fool generalist of news channel who quoted that romantic persons should watch but if they loved ever they should know that where is the love when one person dies.
    And the directors should know why dilwale dulhaniya completed its 500 weeks hum sath sath sath hai dabang & dabang 2 inc trp everytime because of itz happy ending vaise hi itne gum hai duniya mai ek saala movie mai bhi yehi shuru kar diya. Before watching ghazni i loved kaise mujhe tum mil gai song but after watching movie i never want to hear that even though song is great my hello tune is song tum hi ho but now im thinking to change because that make me remember the tragedyyyyyy in ashique 2. Well mohit suri you spoiled my craze of watching your beautifully directed and too good star cast………………………..
    Mani Pandey……………………………………………

  • Anu

    What’s wrong with all these critics?Good I did not bother about their reviews, and finally watched the movie. It was a great watch, that gave me some lumps in my throat in some scenes. and I think if the actors can make you cry, they are fine actors.Both the lead actors were great, Aditya extremely attractive and charming, and shradda kapur very inoccent and fragile.As the critic says here that “there were no steamy, sexy stuff” I liked it because there were no such stuff, and still makes a great romantic movie with some great music!!!

    • mani

      hyyyyyyyyy anu

    • Hooria

      Totally agreed steamy sex scenes dont make a good film infact are there for the sake of it but this film was jus the best without it

  • Hooria

    The worst and shittest review ever!!!

    Aashiqui2 was the best film ever with so much emotions it didnt need none of the shameless steamy sex scenes infact its purity and love was more heartfelting

    Its one of the best movies ever the chemistry,music and actors rocked
    Aditya roy kapur throughout the film was too good and goodlooking he kept us intrigued with his character and shraddha she managed to be the soothing essence in aditya’s life in the film
    The film
    Is a pleasure to watch yet harsh critics and reviews like these make films incur losses
    Leave audience to judge for themself and do their own criticism or whatever yur not required to

  • manju

    i saw ashiqui2 as watched expressions of d hero in d song, with lots of expectations i watched d movie, n felt like hell d hangover kept me aweken throught d night, expressions in song showed d charecter has got tremendous depthful talent in his field, but whr d story goes agar pyar vishwas hai , agar pyar taqat hai to rj qatam kaise hogaya, what msg u r conveying to youth, agar pyar kisiki himmat nahi bansakti hai to ye film aashiqi kaise hua????????? hero has got very expressive face but let dis movie nt be model for his life

  • manju

    with lots expectations i watched d movie but what was it how can one cal it ashiqui .agar pyar taqat aur viswas hai to rj qatam kaise hogaya

    • Jaan

      Aditya Roy Kapoor has stolen the show. The movie was awesome with lots of beautifully crafted emotions and lines where Aditya was just amazing specially in the songs. He has got an uniqueness in his acting to be a potential star.
      The ending part was not expected and it killed the charisma of the movie.

  • Prajwal Sah

    Hi Peers,

    I would like to watch this movie again and again. I don’t know why but this movie get in my breath so badly. Aditya and Shraddha have done brilliant role what they got, perfect emotion in need, no any kind of over acting. Spontaneously, this movie should not have any kind of negative critize those who have watched eagerly. Over all this movie is astounding and spectacular story. Music, fabulous and of course all of them wants to download on there cell phone favourite list. Wish this movie will be biggest hit of decade.

  • shivam

    guys dis movie ws wesome… i sw”d 8 times in theatr… i love ashiqui… bt review gvnd very bad.. he shuld tell me nw. wich 1 movie get 5 str…

  • riju sardar

    i love aashqui moves.?

  • andrew avinash

    I love this movie!!! Everone wants aashiqui3,even me… I like d real romance,the way dey feel each other in it!!! Lov dis!! movie a loads!!! Ummah…!!! Love ya!!! Aditya roy kapoor&shraddha kapoor!!!

    • suzi

      ya,i too wants ashiqui 3 with a happy ending & with shraddha n adithya.

  • suzi

    i was shocked by the end of ASHIQUI 2 and we neeeeeeeeeed ASHIQUI 3 with same stars & happy ending. please mr.mohith soory and mahesh butt.do it.i coudn’t get a proper sleep since i watched ASHIQUI 2.

  • ayesha

    i love indian movies and songs but the most i like ashique songs and movies i love

  • krati

    really only watched this movie for the love of my life whome i love more than my self ……………. i love you aditya roy kapur you are the best actor is was and forever will be…………. aashiqui 2 is the best movie for me and always will be………… because of you really i had fallen in love with you dieying to meet you ……….. oh god when that day will come when adi will be in front of mee………………………love alot se bhi jada…………. <3 <3 <3

  • akhil

    Its such an interesting movie and probably it will be the best movie of
    the year 2013

  • praveen

    5 star

  • Hashan samith

    Very good film