Aashiqui 2 to have a sequel?

After the runaway success of Aashiqui 2, there might be an addition to the romantic franchisee

The Aashiqui franchisee has proved lucky for the Bhatts. Since the first installment of the movie starring Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal, it broke the way love was perceived in commercial cinema. Twenty three years later, the Bhatts decided to make another film and used a similar formula of a heartening love story with good music and a youthful approach, and the result was another good movie that became a runaway hit on the Box office crossing the ‘revered’ Rs 100 crore mark.

Well, it seems the Bhatt’s aren’t in any mood to wait for two decades to make another sequel like they did for Aashiqui 2. A little birdie tells us that producers are already planning a third one along with producer Bhushan Kumar who also co-produced Aashiqui 2. And though no word on the casting is yet clear, we’re sure the Bhatts will look to introduce new faces. However co-producer Bhushan Kumar said that is still a few years away, “The audience loved Aashiqui 2. We are happy we could bring back the time of romance in Bollywood. We do have a plan to make Aashiqui 3 but that would be after two-three years. We want to take the brand ahead”

So, who do you think will be the lead actors of the third movie? Care to guess!