Aatish Kapadia: I won’t revive Baa Bahu Aur Baby ‘coz I do not believe in generation leaps

A leap in time has been a trend in daily soaps since eons, but the Hats Off Productions’ co-owner doesn’t wish to ever incorporate it in any of his shows

Writer-producer Aatish Kapadia – the maker of shows like Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai, Baa Bahu Aur Baby and the newly launched Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai is of the opinion that shows take generation leaps when their characters are not strong enough. “When I wrote my first show Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka, all 1000 episodes was scripted in real time. I had made it very clear to my producer that I will not do generation leaps. I will write only about those twenty characters. The day you ask me to do that, I will leave. I feel, if you need a generation leap in your story, you do not have strong characters,” said Aatish.

So does that mean you will never revive Baa Bahu Aur Baby? Aatish said, “Even if people ask me to bring back the show, I will not do it. I may have a lot to tell in that story, but the time for it has gone. People will not be able to relate to it anymore. Baa Bahu Aur Baby was made in real time when those actors were growing up. If I revive the show again, I will have to do it with a generation leap, which doesn’t excite me at all. Frankly, I don’t believe in generation leaps, I don’t understand what they are. Like Gattu was a constant character, he never grew up. It’s like a comic strip. Can you imagine Archies changing? Archie will be 17, live in Riverdale, and his clothes will never change even after 40 years. If I come back with Baa Bahu Aur Baby without a leap, it will look like a re-run of the old show.”

Well guess that means the fans of Baa Bahu Aur Baby will have to find solace in the reruns of the iconic show. Or hope Aatish comes up with something similar to it. Right, BollywoodLifers!