Abhay Deol begs to differ!

Abhay Deol aspires to be different, be it movies or an event. He proved that again at an awards night….

With so many events happening all over the city, we decided to zero in on Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Awards. It was an awards night dedicated to real-life heroes. While the cause was enough to guarantee our presence, we were further tempted to attend it because a quirky Abhay Deol was the chief guest.  For most of the event Abhay was his usual self, smiling at the slightest of jokes and totally conscious of his surroundings. While the geeky star did lighten the mood of the evening he took utmost care to maintain the decorum. What we liked about Abhay was his dedication to the cause, and the fact that he refused to talk about anything else (not even Abhi-Ash’s baby!). Well, in a world where celebs tend to be media-hungry and don’t miss any chance to speak about themselves, Abhay seems to be in control. It’s refreshing, no doubt, but dear Abhay don’t forget that your difference in attitude has left many questions unanswered. When will you answer those?