Abhay Deol turns Tamilian

We hear that the actor was so hellbent on portraying the role of a Tamilian IAS officer in a realistic manner that he spent three months rigorously learning the language

Director of Shanghai Dibakar Banerjee is mighty impressed with the way Abhay Deol has prepared for his role in ShanghaiAnd the reason behind his irrepressible happiness is not just the fact that Mr Deol has stuck his nose to the grindstone to get his South Indian mannerisms right, but also ‘coz the cool 33-year-old Abhay has quite successfully stepped into the shoes of a grave, middle-aged bureaucrat.

Now the new thing we hear is that just ‘coz Abhay is playing a Tamilian in the movie, people are beginning to compare his role with SRK’s character in RA.One. Of course, that’s downright stupid, but if you really want to know what our opinion is, we think Deol’s character has way more substance, hands down. And as Dibakar indulges in some pre-release praise of his own film by saying that Abhay is nowhere near a caricature, we say we couldn’t agree more. After all, there couldn’t be a bigger caricature than King Khan’s superhero act in RA.One