Abhay Deol wants to make an English film!

But the unconventional dude has come up with a conventional idea for it

Shanghai actor Abhay Deol is quite impressed with the Jennifer Aniston-Gerard Butler starrer, The Bounty Hunter. So he wants to remake the Hollywood flick in Hindi and English! For those who haven’t watched the 2010 film, TBH is an action comedy about a bounty hunter (someone who will capture fugitives for money) and his target, his ex-wife.

There’s nothing wrong in being inspired by international films, coz everyone at Bollywood loves doing remakes. They don’t even stop at copying their own old blockbuster hits or South films.

But we had higher hopes from Abhay, who is not only an unconventional looker, but also an independent thinker. Doesn’t he always harp on the fact that he believes in doing things differently from his peers! So we wonder what happened now. Maybe his idea of being hatke was in copying an English film in the same language.

Anyway, whether we approve of the remake or not, it isn’t of any significance. For the ones who really matter are those who will produce this remake, the people Abhay has approached to back the film, and they aren’t sure of making an English version of The Bounty Hunter just yet. They are fine with a Hindi one!

But what do you think – should Abhay remake the Hollywood hit in Hindi and English?