Abhi-Ash versus Salman – an IIFA update

The happy couple was going to perform at IIFA…or so we all heard

We told you that there was a bit of a one-upmanship thing going on between the Bachchan Family and Salman Khan on who would be more prominent at IIFA, remember? Well, here is the latest that we heard. It seems that Abhishek Bachchan and wifey Aishwarya were indeed in talks to perform at the even in Toronto, but nothing had been finalised yet. And then the media leaped in and started writing/talking about it, like it was a done deal. That kinda miffed the loving couple, who promptly decided that they did not like being taken for granted and backed out. Of course, being us, we cannot help wonder if it was not because Salman Khan – and you all know the issues there! – was gonna be main man at the do in Canada. But then the younger Bs should have known that already, no? Anyway, whatever the reason, seems that Ash and Abhi will not be part of the entertainment package at IIFA this time around. And here is another interesting thought that the organisers have been stressing – there is not ONE ambassador of the IIFA, it is the film industry that sits firmly in that special seat. We wait to find out more and will tell you all…as it happens!