Abhinav Shukla: Vivian DSena’s Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon new promo will go on air tomorrow

Abhinav Shukla: Vivian DSena’s Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon new promo will go on air tomorrow

EXCLUSIVE: Rishab Kundra is back albeit with a new name and character, confirms the producer

Abhinav Shukla’s Nautanki Films has rehired Vivian D’Sena in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon owing to public pressure and dipping numbers, but the producer says that they got him back ‘coz the story demanded.

The promo has been shot; we wonder what Vivian will look and behave like? “Yes we shot the promo yesterday, but I cannot reveal anything about the character. If I tell you anything, where’s the surprise element then? You will get a glimpse of him when the promo goes live tomorrow,” said Abhinav.

Guess it was always decided to get the actor back as the main lead and make Gunjan Utreja the antagonist, right? “We did not decide this in the start. However, the story demanded an exciting twist and that’s how we creatively planned to get DSena back in the show.”

The producer says that Vivian’s proximity to the show and the production house convinced him to comeback. And the rumours of his absurd demands are all untrue. “Vivianis a good friend and has been closely associated with Madhubala since the beginning. He was very excited to hear the change in his character and the new role we offered him. The excitement and attachment to the daily soap, production house and channel is what compelled him to come back. I know there are rumours suggesting that DSena made astronomical demands, but that’s not true. Everything has been done fairly. Everyone gets what they deserve. All this allegations are baseless and false. He has never made any demands to me and nor has he asked anyone else. There will be some remuneration changes, but that is extremely confidential.”

Guess with the hero coming back, Gunjan will become the third wheel in Drashti Dhami and Vivian’s love story. “The story will not revolve around these three pillars – Madhubala, Abhay Kapoor and the new Vivian. We will soon disclose the name of DSena’s character. Utreja was very welcoming and excited about the change in his character. Love triangle or not for that you have to wait. I really cannot reveal anything about the storyline.”

Apparently, Vivian’s character is still being shaped and once the plot is in place, the actor will start shooting for Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

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  • ravneet

    I honestly can’t wait for the promo, lets see what the makers have in mind.
    Although rumours did say Vivian may play a handicap person and is going to get married to drashti unexpectedly instead of gunjan…..

    I’m glad Vivian is back, now can’t wait to see their sizzling chemistry on screen again <3

    • Austin Inba

      No he’s not handicapped!!..That’s for sure!!..He’s mentally disturbed person or mentally challenged guy or a Retarded person with both positive and negative side!!…Yes it’s true that DD will unexpectedly marry Vivian instead of GU!!…
      According to the sources, the story will be complete mystery, and they are goin to concentrate only on Madhu and Vivian and GU will be sidelined for now
      MAny rumors is that since madhu had married Vivian but she likes GU much ,as he proposed his love blah blah…So Ishq and Junoon of madhu will start, and how to move forward in her life might be the basic plot!!

  • trisha

    i do not want Vivian to come back because he quitted in the first place and the episode of madhubala is going well right now.

    • sasda

      just shut up

    • p. surekha

      abe a if there is no vivian in serial then half serial is incomplete and pls dont talk rubbish about our vivian ok… mind it..

  • Sadaf Khan

    I am so happy Vivian come back
    I really like you vivian dsena
    Please reply……..