Abhishek Bachchan does over 500 push ups every day for ‘Dhoom:3’!

The new daddy Bachchan has been training just to get the lean look that is quintessential for his next action movie…

Gone are the days when heroes were allowed to flaunt some flab. In today’s era, even an iota of podginess is a big no-no. So, Abhishek Bachchan was all geared to sweat it out for his upcoming movie, Dhoom:3. In his search to get the perfect look, Abhishek fired more than four to five trainers as he was not satisfied with the results. On the sets of Bol Bachchan, Ajay Devgn noticed Abhishek wallowing over trainers. He immediately nudged his trainer, Prashant Sawant, to take Abhishek under his wings. And lo! Abhi was transformed! “Abhishek is very obedient and great student,” says Sawant. We bet he is, Mr Trainer, because a li’l birdie told us that the actor gave up mithai (sweets), something he normally just couldn’t do without to get in shape! So, what else did Prashant make AB baby do? Abhishek did as many as 500 push ups and an hour of cardio every day, along with a list of other body workouts. And guess where all this training happened? “We used to train everyday on the sets,” says Sawant. Does that make you think that Abhishek has joined the ab-race too? Well, no. An insider revealed that Abhi is only interested to get a lean physique and fit body, not the six or eight abs. Well Abhi, now that the fitness bug has bitten you, it won’t be long before we see you flaunting some numbered abs too. At least we hope to!


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