Abhishek Bachchan doesn’t like any of his films

Either the Players actor is being too modest or has finally come to terms with the real picture

After Mani Ratnam’s Guru, Jr B hasn’t really had a hit solo-film to his credit and it seems that he has become very critical of his work. Actors usually tend to dislike their earlier works, but they do have a role or two which they are really proud of and sometimes boast about too! In a recent interview, Abhishek said, “When I see my older work, I cringe! An actor doesn’t want to admit certain things publicly. I watch a film and I know that it’s a disaster, but I also want it to fade out of public memory quickly. I don’t want you (media) to publicly tell me what I already know. “Wethinks AB Jr is being too harsh on himself and we loved him, especially in Yuva, Guru and Dostana. We are looking forward to watching him in Players, this weekend.