Abhishek Bachchan gifts baby Aaradhya a Mini Cooper on her 1st birthday!

As the most celebrated baby in B-town turns one year old, papa Abhishek Bachchan keeps a special birthday present handy. But how will Beti B react?

Barely one year old and Aaradhya must have seen it all already! Dadu Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his much talked about 70th birthday just about a month ago and little Aaradhya was present at the exclusive do. The cute Bachchan baby must have seen the flashbulbs, the glamour and the attention that comes with belonging to the first family of Bollywood.

And now papa Abhishek Bachchan is all set to pamper his little angel with a special gift on her special day. Aaradhya will turn one year old tomorrow and has an exceptional gift waiting for her. Doting dad Abhishek Bachchan has bought his little angel a bright red Mini Cooper!

Mommy Aishwarya Rai Bachchan confirmed that Aaradhya’s first birthday will be a private affair “Time just flies and now she (Aaradhya) will turn one year old. For Aaradhya’s first Diwali, we had both friends and family at our place, but for her first birthday, we plan to keep it a private and family affair. It will be with family and my parents,” said Ash

While we have seen the Bachchans moving in and around the city in their plush cars, it will be the first time baby Aaradhya will be seen sitting in the driver’s seat. But don’t you think, Abhishek, that it is too soon for the little angel to worry about traffic and bad roads in Mumbai? And it’s gonna be a while before she gets her driving license, no? But just in case Beti B is a prodigy where her driving skills are concerned, we think a test drive with a toy car is a good idea, before your little angel starts taking the entire family out on a fun ride? Right, Aaradhya?