Abhishek Bachchan launches Uday Chopra’s comic book label

Called Yomics, the label will be inaugurated with Dhoom, Ek Tha Tiger, Hum Tum and Daya Prochu comics, says Chopra

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan launched actor Uday Chopra’s new label of comic books, Yomics, based on Yash Raj movies like Dhoom and Ek Tha Tiger. Salman Khan and Rani Mukerji were not present at the event, but sent their good wishes via video. Uday said that it is his passion for comics and graphic novels, which has led him to embark on this endeavour.

“I love reading comics and it’s my passion. Most people don’t want to get into this (comics) because they don’t want to put money into it. But I feel if I am able to create an industry which doesn’t exist today, I will be the one to start it. But more than that, it is the love for comics which has led me to this,” he said at the launch of Yomics at Yash Raj Studios on Tuesday.

There are four titles which are ready as of now; Dhoom, Ek Tha Tiger, Hum Tum and a new character based comic called Daya Prochu. The actor says that the fifth title is in the pipeline and will be introduced during Diwali. “Every month a new Yomic will come. We will be adding the fifth title during Diwali. The new title is very different to Dhoom and Ek Tha Tiger. I want to give readers something completely new,” he said.

Daya Prochu is an original addition by Uday Chopra. He is shown to be a fun school-going boy and Chopra feels that everyone will be able to relate to him. “Daya is a school child and his thoughts are different. We all have a Daya Prochu in us. We have all been bullied, but his character bullies other people. It’s a fun character,” he added.

Talking about the impact of his venture, Chopra says that it purely depends on how the audience accept this medium. He is introducing four titles together in the hope that different people will associate to and like different characters and will like to read more about them. “The success of any skill depends on the audience. I am bringing out four titles together so that they might like at least one…identify with at least one character and people will like to read their stories. I will keep at it for a while,” he added.

Chopra said his Yomics are very different to conventional comic books. Their look and feel makes them distinct. “I have kept the artwork very colourful and simple. It is not grim. Today’s comics are very grim and dark. I want to stay away from that. I want to cater to a universal audience and make them feel happy about it. I will enter that realm also but right now I want to make them very appealing,” he said.

The Yash Raj banner is known for its love sagas and these surely will not be kept out of their comic books. Chopra plans to introduce them eventually. “I have thought about it. I don’t know how they will do in a comic book format. This format needs action to get moving. But in the West, they don’t only have action comic books and I don’t see any reason for not doing that here. We will love to do it in a while,” he added.