Abhishek Bachchan likes his baby’s new title: ‘Beti B’

As Jr B comes to terms with new-found fatherhood and his parents’ concern for him, he claims that the new addition to the family will not change him…much

While Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is doing very well, as per reports from friends and family, it seems that the process of the baby’s delivery has exhausted Abhishek Bachchan completely. But that hasn’t stopped him from connecting with his friends and fans who are sending him congratulatory messages. Expressing his surprise at the boundless energy that wifey Ash has, even after the process of pregnancy and labour, he said, “How do women/mothers do it? I’m walking around like a zombie and the Mrs is like a super trooper with a bit of bionic woman thrown in!!!” Talking about his understanding of his new role as a dad, he tweeted, “Just as I step into fatherhood and parenthood, I’ve never seen myself rely and depend on my parents more. Guess that happens with every new parent. And I finally understand why they still at the age of 35 treat me like a baby and cannot accept that I’m a grown man today.” The li’l angel has managed to make the entire family happy and nobody seems to be able to get their eyes off her. The proud father said, “Much like my father @SrBachchan I too spent the day observing every little thing about the little one.” He said in the same breath, “But my greatest observation is…I don’t think I’ll be any different.” Good thing is that apparently the new nickname for the newest B has been arrived at, thanks to Abhishek’s Game co-star, Shahana Goswani. Making it official, he posted a message, “And till we find a name for the little lady a dear friend @ShahanaGoswami gave me a great one. We have Sr B and Jr B already so… Beti B!” Okay then, Beti B it is – we kinda like it already!

Aishwarya Rai motherhood: From pregnancy to baby