Abhishek Bachchan loses paternity leave because of Aamir Khan

Dhoom:3 is a big budget, big buzz project for Yash Raj Films, one that is aimed to be as big a success as the first two in the series. But it has already had some issues to deal with. First the prospective baddie, Aamir Khan, took a while to decide whether he would indeed play his part, that of a villainous gymnast. Then his lady had to be chosen, someone who is still lurking in the shadows, and will stay there until YRF makes the announcement, though we hear that Katrina Kaif is the hot (and how!) contender. Now we hear that Abhishek Bachchan, who was to be on leave in November when he achieves daddy-hood, has been pulled away from home and heart (Aishwarya, who else!) to start the film. The paternity leave was revoked because Aamir has limited dates for the shoot, and since he is the biggest star in the cast, his needs are paramount. We sympathise, Abhi, and we know that when Ash and the new baby need you, you will be there…if you are not battling the bad guy then, that is!