Abhishek Bachchan plans for a hot new bod!

To play the lead of a gangster in Businessman, Bachchan Jr needs to be in great shape and has three months to work out

Abhishek Bachchan prides himself on being able to transform himself into whatever role he takes on. In Guru, for instance, he gained a lot of weight, while in Paa he made himself look older and more serious than he really is. Now he has to get himself into the right shape, physically and mentally, to play a fast-moving, fast-talking, fast-thinking gangster in Puri Jagannadh’s many-pronged new project, Businessman. This is the story of a man who treats his racketeering ‘business’ like an organised corporation, but does get out from behind a desk to deal with some tough and exciting action sequences.Bachchan Jr has done some action before, in Dhoom and Dhoom:2, in Drona, Dum Maaro Dum and others, but the less said about those, the better, especially where the fantasy-superhero flick is concerned. But in this one, he will be doing all the stunts and action that can be imagined, with a little help from the lady in his (movie) life – the makers are trying to get Kajal Aggarwal, recently seen in Singham, for that role, instead of a new face. The shoot for the Telugu version of the film, with Mahesh Babu in the lead, will start in September, with Kajal as the lead heroine. The Hindi avatar of the movie has been pushed to next year, which will give Abhishek enough time to get into the right shape and deal with the new baby in the Bachchan household expected in November 2011.