Abhishek delays ‘Dhoom:3’ to prepare for daddyhood

AB junior asks Aditya Chopra to postpone the shooting of Dhoom:3 so he can be around his new born baby, giving Aamir Khan the time to prepare for his gymnast avatar

After Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, it’s father-to-be Abhishek Bachchan’s turn to prioritise baby over work. Story is that the actor has asked Yash Raj Films to postpone the filming of Dhoom:3 from November (Ash is expected to deliver the baby in this month) to mid-December 2011; to shoulder his fatherly responsibilities. How sweet, we say. Now the Chopras and the Bachchan’s share family ties, so without any hue and cry Jai Dixit’s request has been conceded. But this is not the first time Abhishek is getting all excited about the baby. In the recent TV commercials of a mobile service that the actor endorses, someone smartly got Junior Bachchan’s still-to-arrive baby to promote the brand. It will be no surprise if it was Abhishek’s idea. We have heard of star couples endorsing products. After this, do we see the beginning of a new trend where B-town babies too start figuring in the endorsements? Anyway, it is clear that the young Bachchans are eagerly waiting to step into their new role of parents. But in the bargain, Aamir Khan has also benefited from the delay of the new Dhoom flick. The talented actor is slated to play a gymnast in the film. Last heard he was looking for a trainer to prepare him for the role. Currently the actor-cum-filmmaker is vacationing, probably enjoying the sweet success of Delhi Belly. But once he’s back, he will go head on into the preparations for his Dhoom:3 part. Even though this rescheduling may disappoint Dhoom fans, we know that with Aamir and Aditya at the helm of things, this one shall be worth the wait.