ACP Pradyuman leaves C.I.D., Marathi actor Deepak Shirke to replace him

The longest standing protagonist in the iconic TV series hangs his boots and will be replaced by another veteran actor

Fans of C.I.D.,the longest running show in the history of Indian television, may get a tad misty since their favourite cop on the team has handed over his batch. Veteran actor Shivaji Satam, who has played the main man ACP Pradyuman at the C.I.D. bureau, will quit the show this week after 12 years of playing the sharp cop. Although the makers of the show, Fireworks Productions, did their best to retain the senior actor, it seems that creative differences between him and the producers finally got to him. And thus, in the upcoming episode, the iconic character of Shivaji Satam will be fired and asked to leave the investigative team.

His place will be taken by Deepak Shirke, the Marathi actor who has had an equally impressive resume of doing some hard hitting roles in regional cinema. Interestingly, Deepak is coming back to television after almost two decades. He was a part of the investigative serial Ek Shunya Shunya where Deepak , Shivaji Satam and BP Singh – the creator of C.I.D., first began their journey on television.

Earlier in November, when there were rumours abound about Satam quitting the show, the senior actor had brushed them aside. However now, it is certain that it will be the end of road for Shivaji Satam on CID. We wait to see Shirke back on the small screen and back as a cop as the new ACP Pradyuman.