Adah Sharma urges people not to lock up animals in cages!

The pretty actor shares a heartening message in the latest PETA ad

Whenever actors pose for PETA, it’s more about their hotness quotient than the animals. That being said, the celeb better look good, else the poor critters’ fate hangs in balance! And with this latest photo shoot that the 1920 actor Adah Sharma has done, we’re sure that whichever animal she’s trying to protect will be saved!

For this ad, Adah is seen dressed up in a magical white feathery dress complete with exotic eye makeup and fake black talons! The babe poses in a golden cage with the clouds as a backdrop, sending out a message to people not to keep her feathered friends locked up in cages!

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re busting out any locked-up birdie we come across! Great job, Adah!

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