Adhyayan is single and looking

The young actor, who has always been in news for his relationship with Kangna Ranaut, is back from hibernation. And he confesses leaving behind the most frustrating phase of his life

Adhyayan Suman has somehow always been talked about more for his relationship with Kangna Ranaut than for his work. And, after the split, the actor went into hibernation for some time with no work on his plate. He’s finally back in business and confesses that he has left behind the most frustrating phase of his life. He admits that it was tough getting over the break-up. “I think I was too young. I was focussing more on the relationship when I should have focused on work. So when I started getting engrossed in work, relationships took a back seat. It happens. It took me some time to get out of it, but I’m happy now,” confesses Adhyayan. People have always speculated that father Shekhar influences most of his decisions, including this one. “See, I am very inexperienced, so obviously I can’t understand a lot of things. I do consult him when I have to make crucial decisions. He only explains things and gives suggestions. The decision is left to me. My parents always tell me that they’ll support me in whatever I do,” he says. He also says that stories about him still not being over Kangna are false. “People keep asking me why I am not seeing anybody. But the thing is that you cannot force these things. They will happen when they have to. I guess I haven’t met the right girl! I am not adventurous. I am a good old romantic guy,” he says. Any pretty girls out there interested in this young Suman?