Aditi Rao Hydari: Ali Zafar is most decent in bed

Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari give some quotable quotes about each other as they go all out to promote London, Paris, New York

Aditi Rao Hydari seems to have found someone new to keep her company in bed! Well, no points for guessing that the man we are talking about is Ali Zafar. Aditi told a daily that her London, Paris, New York co-star was “the nicest and the most decent in bed.” Then, talking about her experience of doing a lovemaking scene with Zafar, she said, “I was nervous. But Ali put me at ease. I could not have asked for a better co-star to take me through the scene that too so convincingly.” It’s not uncommon for costars to come out in praise of each other before the release of their film, especially when its a love story! Remember Amy Jackson and Prateik when they were promoting Ek Dewaan Tha? Well, just a couple of days ago Ali was seen going gaga over Aditi. “She is a good girl, well-behaved and didn’t even hit on me. She is easy to work with. But honestly, I won’t mind if she actually hit on me! She is a very close friend.” While Aditi thinks Ali is ‘decent’ in bed, Ali feels he wouldn’t mind it if she hit on him. Well, its not too late guys. There’s still chance for your off screen love story develop!