Aditya Narayan quotes 5 lakhs to meet a fan!

Most big stars are only too happy to interact with their die-hard fans. But looks like Udit Narayan’s son wants to get paid even to do that

It’s always great to see our B-town stars come down to earth for a change and share some candid moments with their fans. And these days there are several shows on television where the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and a whole lot of others get up-close and personal with them. But there is one starlet who thinks this whole thing is one tedious job. Meet Aditya Narayan – singer and budding actor who is allergic to fans! Anyone else in Aditya’s shoes would’ve only been happy to interact with his fans, considering that there might be just a handful of them in any case! But the Narayan kid quoted a price of Rs 5 lakh to meet just one! Now that’s just being greedy, isn’t it? Anyway, we are not surprised to heat that, since Aditya is not really known for being a good boy. A few months ago too, the Narayan kid was not at his best behaviour. He got drunk and kept falling all over a beautiful stranger, and then got slapped in return. Well wethinks that with a not-so-impressive career graph, Aditya needs to be thankful to have fans in the first place. And if you continue to rub them off the wrong way Mr Narayan, there could come a day when you’d have to pay to get a fan to meet you. Are we wrong guys?