Aditya Redij loves being Rajbeer Singh!

The Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto actor says it’s a challenging role, thanks to the hero being a multi-dimensional character

You loved him in Naa Aana Is Des Laado and were left heartbroken when his character Raghav died. You wondered if you will ever see him again on screen. You were not the only one. The dishy Aditya Redij admits that he had not signed his current show Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto when he left Laado. “But I wasn’t very worried about getting work. I believe if you are honest to your work and to yourself, you don’t have to worry,” he says. Though he has dabbled in a couple of other careers, acting is what he’s always wanted to do. “I love performing in front of the camera. I like to initiate something new and different, exploring the unexplored in myself. That’s what acting means to me. I have a hectic schedule but I am enjoying it.” That’s one of the reasons he is yet to focus on his other love – photography. “I might go behind the scenes one day and turn cinematographer, but not right now.”

We don’t want him to either, as we just love watching him on Preeto, on Imagine TV. “Rajbeer Singh is an Air Force pilot. He is uncomfortable around certain family situations and it comes across as bad behaviour, but it’s not that. He is a complex character with several dimensions. It is challenging to play him as each aspect of his personality unfolds.”

After being known and loved as Raghav for a long time, isn’t it difficult to convince the audience that you are Rajbeer? “The secret is to never play yourself. You should live the character, think about his past. Every character has to be different and it’s not just in the attire – but in the way they behave, in their personality.” We agree and since over the past few months, Rajbeer has replaced Raghav in our minds, we guess Aditya’s theory has really worked. But with success comes a downside too. “You become more responsible for a lot of things,” says Aditya. “Producers bank on you, channels bank on you, there is a lot of pressure and you have to continue working under pressure.”

While he has his approach to his characters planned out, he prefers to let Fate lead his holiday plans. “When I am not shooting, I simply relax, spend time with family or watch a movie or go out if I feel like it. I never plan what I will do on my days off, ” he says. Lucky him.