Aditya Roy Kapur is replaced by Iron Man in the poster of Aashiqui 2!

A fun image is doing the rounds of Twitter, taking a dig at Aaashiqui 2 and Iron Man 3, the films that are currently competing with each other at the box office

There’s this hilarious poster that’s hovering in the Twitter world which has Aditya Roy Kapur morphed into Tony Stark aka Iron Man 3 in the poster of Aashiqui 2. The caption reads:  ‘The heart of Aashiqui 2 melts even the Iron Man’. As Shraddha Kapoor and Robert ‘hottie’ Downey Jr kiss under the warmth of a well-sheltering coat, we wonder who the brainchild behind this one is.

The prankster is definitely taking a dig at the overdose of mushy romance in Aashiqui 2, the kind of love that makes a toughie like Iron Man melt into mere metallic liquid. Tony may be getting all Mr Softie by the ‘under cover’ romance, but the BO numbers definitely aren’t affected by the contest. Iron Man is going great guns, surpassing the romantic flick in the box office game. Now that, Mr XYZ – who has time hanging heavily on his hands – forgot to mention in the poster…