Adnan Sami’s visa extended for three months


Pakistani singer-composer Adnan Sami has been granted a three-month extension by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), according to a senior police. According to Sanjay Shintre, Deputy Police Commissioner (Special Branch)”Adnan was granted three months extension by MHA from October 6, the date when his visa has expired.”

Earlier report:

The Special Branch of the city police on Tuesday served a notice on Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, asking him to file his say about his overstay in the country

Adnan Sami has been in India since 2001. Since he failed to renew his business visa, which expired on October 6, his stay in India is illegal. Sami will now have to explain his overstay to the city police within a week.  “We have slapped a notice on Sami under Section 14 of the Foreigners Act, 1946, at his Oshiwara residence. If Sami fails to do so within seven days, an adverse report will be sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). This will make him liable for deportation,” deputy commissioner of police, SB-1, Sanjay Shintre, said.  A convincing reply will make him eligible for a one-month buffer period to get his visa extended. Asked about the delay in slapping notice on Sami, Shintre said: “Sami, through his manager, had informed us over phone that he is getting his visa extended from Delhi, so we waited for some time. But as the MHA has not made any communication till date, we have served him a notice.”

“If a foreign national fails to extend his visa on time, the person is given a 30-day buffer time to get the visa extended from MHA, provided the person has intimated the local police about his communication with the MHA. But in Sami’s case, he didn’t approach the police to get this buffer period. So, a notice was issued,” a police official said.  “Once Sami gets the one-month period, he can approach MHA and extend the visa, as he has been doing in the past. If his visa is not extended, Sami will be detained and a report will be sent to the MHA. On its orders, he will be deported to his country after paying a penalty of $30,” the officer explained.

The singer had said in a press statement: “As per standard rules, I had made an application for extension of my visa on September 14, 2013. I have been following it for the past 14 years. This year has been no different. Until the visa extension is granted by the MHA in New Delhi, I have to be in India, as I cannot leave. The process of granting can be lengthy as it is at the discretion of the MHA. The Mumbai Police is very much aware of my situation and is fully informed of this.”

Text courtesy – DNA