After dyslexia…it’s bipolar disorder for Tisca Chopra

Tisca Chopra, who turns into a psychiatrist in her upcoming movie, does intensive homework on bipolar disorder

After playing mother to a dyslexic child in Taare Zameen Par, Tisca Chopra has a new disorder to deal with in her latest movie 404, where she portrays the character of a doctor. The actor is very particular about the homework she does before stepping into a new character and she had to work extensively on the bipolar disorder for this one. When asked what the onscreen psychiatrist’s definition of this disease is, she explains quite articulately, “For instance, +1 goes towards good mood and -1 goes towards bad. Normal people usually fluctuate in the range of +10 and -10, but a person with this disorder revolves rapidly between 100s and -100s. One has to suffer severe ups and severe downs in this case.” Tisca’s extremely happy that her profession allows her explore various subjects like these. May be these kind of subjects are lucky for the actress. Because before Taare Zameen Par happened, the actress was a part of some disastrous films. Remember Platform with Ajay Devgn which released in the ’90s?