After Exotic, Priyanka Chopra releases her third song I Can’t Make You Love Me!

After Exotic, Priyanka Chopra releases her third song I Can’t Make You Love Me!

The Fashion actor has finally released her much awaited third single

Priyanka Chopra, who impressed the masses with her singles like In My City and Exotic, has finally released her third song, I Can’t Make You Love Me. The Gunday actor, who will be playing the lead role in the upcoming film, Mary Kom wrapped up the shoot of the film and headed all the way to New York City from where she launched this much awaited song.

PeeCee took to Twitter to announce the release of this song. ““*deep breath* here it is…. ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’… … – it’s now yours…. Tell me what you think!,” Ms Chopra tweeted.

The song is an electropop version Bonnie Raitt’s original 1991 hit by the same title. “She (Raitt) is one of the people why I became a singer. My cover is really different because the original is a ballad and we have used dance music for my version of the song,” the Fashion actor had earlier said. So is it like Priyanka‘s tribute to her singing inspiration? Well, it seems so.

Anyway, as soon as PC released I Can’t Make You Love Me, her fans showered her with praises, calling the song a big hit. Will this song be a bigger hit than In My City and Exotic? Well, download the song from iTunes and decide. Ohh and do remember to share your review here.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • yazz

    awesome song priyanka rocks she is the best actress qween of bollywood fashionista diva awesome singer n superb dancer

  • sasa

    are you guys are mad or what??? both her songs were big flops in US… don’t try to fool indian public

    • yazz

      hi sasa u seem to be jerk or bitch hater get well soon blind hater as both exotic n in my city were huge hits in india n overseas n still people r using the songs in gyms parties n clubs

      • Inverted

        Neither “In My City” nor “Exotic” were hits outside India. People have never heard the song here in the US. Neither songs even charted in the US or any major market on any official chart. Americans have no idea who PC is and have no interest in Indian celebs. Some of you need a reality check.

        By the way, this song is not even in Top 600 on iTunes USA.

        • Rk

          #truestory. I can confirm this story

    • priyanka I can’t make you love

      Kareena fan spotted

    • Cult Of Personality

      Hahaha, butthurt

    • kkk

      very true only in india it is a hit

  • yazz

    superb very beautiful songs priyanka has been rocking the charts since in my city erase exotic n now i can’t make u love me wow

  • Susie

    Very impressed with Priyanka her voice and interpretation of the song is very cool..I love it!

  • Narendrakumar Vadgaonkar

    Do you guys like a song just because it is famous in other countries or it is on of the chartbusters. I like a song just because it hits my soul. I don’t like in my city but I do like exotic. Doesn’t matter what people think of that song.

  • Inam Sarah P

    Are you KIDDING me Mr Vinod Talreja? Like SERIOUSLY! A hit. Rebecca Black’s Friday boarded the charts yet it isn’t considered a hit as such. Maybe a ‘favorite’ (among the fans, obviously) but certainly not a hit (performance wise). Thanks to Troy Carter and RedOne (guys behind Lady Gaga’s superstardom) PC at least got a ground to stand on. Only if she sounded herself and not a west-popstar-replica she’ll be commended *fingers crossed*