After Jodhaa Akbar, Hrithik Roshan and Ashutosh Gowariker to unite again!

Ashu and Hrithik will be working together in yet another historical film

Ashutosh Gowariker’s grand historical Mohenjodaro has a grander story behind its title. Reveals an insider, “There was a difference of opinion between Ashu and his wife Sunita, on the name of the film. Sunita, who is a very active producer and takes all production decisions, was keen on calling it Mohenjo as it’s a shorter version and easier to pronounce, while Ashutosh wanted it to sound grand and wanted to use the whole name Mohenjodaro.”

Both husband and wife were adamant about their title choice, “After many discussions and long arguments, were both sounded their reasons and gave their logical opinions, finally in the end Ashu convinced his wife to go with his vision and the film is now called Mohenjodaro. The director convinced his wife with the argument that as the film is around a love story based in the city of Mohenjo-daro of the Indus Valley civilisation, one of the world’s oldest urban settlements, people would have an instant connect with the full name rather than the abbreviated version.”

Hrithik returns to Mohenjodaro

The film was always destined for Hrithik and in spite of him not being able to commit to it earlier, finally it has landed back in his lap. Ashutosh had not approached any other actor for the role but waited patiently till Hrithik gave his nod.