After Sabyasachi, Vidya Balan gets inspired by Ekta Kapoor’s mother for Bobby Jasoos

The jasoos actor apes Shobha Kapoor in her upcoming film

Vidya Balan had gotten some inspiration from her favourite fashion designer for one of the twelve looks in Bobby Jasoos. We connected the dots when we saw a beggarly Vidya with long unkempt hair and bushy eyebrows and immediately figured that the look has drawn inspiration from Sabyasachi.

Now Vidya has done it again! In the saffron cotton saree, wearing several strands of rudhraksh beads around her neck and heavy accessories in her arms Vidya unmistakingly resembles Ekta Kapoor’s producer mommy Shobha Kapoor.

A source confirmed our doubts and said that Vidya will be seen in the avatar of a television producer named Makhila Kapoor in Bobby Jasoos. She will be aping the characteristics of the successful producer. So it is not just the last name Kapoor that is common, even Vidya’s mannerisms and attire are identical to Shobha’s! Will Shobha Kapoor take offence?

Most likely, no. Vidya and Ekta Kapoor’s mother are known to be close and because the imitation is being carried out in a light-hearted manner the makers of Bobby Jasoos are hoping that Shobha Kapoor will enjoy Vidya’s look. Also their close bond seems to have helped Vidya in getting the essence of the TV producer’s character bang on.

We believe that imitation is the most earnest form of flattery if done in a tasteful manner. Will Vidya tastefully manage to impress Shobha Kapoor with her TV Producer act, one will have to wait for the film’s release to find out.