After Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan shows his ‘being human’ act!

Tue, January 7, 2014 8:40pm IST by
After Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan shows his ‘being human’ act!

Shahrukh seems to be following Salman’s footsteps as far as charity is concerned

We all know that Salman Khan believes in charity and that the man has a heart of gold, but if you thought that he is the only one in B-town who believes in nobility, then you are clearly wrong. Salman‘s arch rival Shahrukh Khan also showed his benevolent side recently, which quite frankly surprised us.

The Chennai Express actor was at Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 calender launch party recently. The party got over and Shahrukh was about to leave the venue, but given the superstar he is, he was mobbed by his fans and media alike. Phir kya tha? He noticed a street kid in the crowd, pulled him out and spoke to him for a moment. And no points for guessing that the little chap was on the seventh heaven after that incident. Sweet, isn’t it?

These stars might appear obnoxious sometimes, but everyone has some moods, right? They are human after all, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Md Imran

    That’s all
    No help nothing
    only Good gesture
    I know this site is working for srk
    Try to defame everytime salman khan
    I have seen lot of post against salman khan
    This is biggest Pr site of srk
    I haven’t heard anything about srk donates
    this site is absurd

    • Vikki

      Another idiot! Read articles on this site . They constantly praise Salman , I’m surprised that they have written at least one good word about the Shah ! This site is just Salman sycophants лике TOI – Aamir ! A Shah not need advertising , the whole world loves it , I live in Russia and here he has a huge fan base . And his love and care for children is known to all , it has invested heavily on the education of children from poor families. The last time the general took over the payment of 125 girls education, while Aamir only 5. So buy brains idiot . But what am I , what brains Salman fans !

      • laila

        U are right.

      • NDA110

        Only in international
        Isn’t it obviously for again publicity in international

      • NDA110

        This site always said bad about salman khan
        haven’t watched Big boss article

  • Vikki

    Shah is one of the most generous and kind people who are in the industry. It invests heavily in charity and education of children, but never ever talks about it, because he believes that good deeds must come from the heart and not for advertising! He is the only Indian who was awarded UNESCO’s international award for charity and his kindness surprise you? Article wrote idiot! I do not speak English, but many times already convinced that the Indian press is the most stupid in the world.

    • Nadeem Khan

      Because he never did

      might be for gaining international publicity, he can anything do anything for stardom. There are lots of needy people in india. i never heard what are you saying show any evidence

      Your most ridiculous one idiot

      • Vikki

        That you’re an idiot! Even if Shah poke you in his charity nose you still prefer not to notice this, because losers! sight losers. He just made himself. Go and kiss ass Salman! if he was a poor guy he never would have achieved nothing and would not get out of prisons ! Let say thank dad and his money! I dnt speak English, but I think you hardly know 4 languages which ​​I speak and I dnt care about the error, I think you understand what I mean!

  • laila

    It’s really a good gesture of shahrukh indeed.but why are u so surprised?

  • Nadeem Khan

    salman is the only one in B-town who help other

    Absurd article try to get publicity for bastard srk

  • Nda Khan

    salman khan foundation help kids in their heart surgery in UP,
    SRk never want to lose idiots

  • NDA110

    Don’t be Bastard Try to say good thing about salman khan

    We have seen bollywoodlife site always false propaganda against him.

  • meeeee

    bollywood life, get a life or better admins who are not fanboys