After Shah Rukh Khan, a film to be made on Salman Khan!

After Shah Rukh Khan, a film to be made on Salman Khan!
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A documentary showcasing the Kick star’s life will be released soon

Shah Rukh Khan’s documentary titled Living with a Superstar which aired on a popular lifestyle channel, became an instant hit and was well received. It seems our Bhaijaan has decided to sail on the same boat.

A documentary on him titled Being Bhaijaan is reportedly set to release soon which will be directed by filmmakers Shabani Hassanwalia and Samreen Farooqui. The film is said to depict the Jai Ho star’s journey and rise in Bollywood and will explore his masculinity in a transforming India over the last year.

The film is currently said to be at the post production stage and will be releasing in the coming few months.

Well looks like the two Khans certainly like to be at par when it comes to stardom. It would be great to see the two share screen space in a documentary together. The documentary then could be titled “Our names our Khan!’ What say?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Bandy Banerjee

    Who told you shahrukh’s documentary was ‘instant hit’? It was aired many times and still nobody saw it but Salman’s will be a hit for sure. But God knows who these makers are and are they really capable of handling this.

    • PKR

      Who told you nobody has seen it? Many have. And what makes you think salman’s will be a hit for sure? You must be a salman fan lol. And anyways, what’s so cool about a documentary?