After Ship Of Thesues, what is Anand Gandhi’s next project all about?

The director hopes to bring a tide of change amongst the general public via his next film….

Director Anand Gandhi is riding high these days with all the critical acclaim that he has received for his debut film Ship of Theseus. It has been heard that one of his creative producers, Megha Ramaswamy of Recyclewala Labs, is going to direct an experimental film tentatively titled Newborns.

The film would focus on how the lives of acid attack survivors change after the incident. It would show real-life acid attack survivors from across the nation. Gandhi said that a movie with such people would definitely revive the memories of the heinous crimes but what he was trying to focus on, was the celebration of hope and life post the incident. Newborns will not be talking at all about their misfortunes.

Talking to a leading daily, Gandhi said that the movie can’t be categorized as a docudrama because many things has been added and the survivors would be enacting a part of them as well. The film is expected to hit the theaters by the second half of the year.

Gandhi concluded by saying that the inspiration for making the film was the lack of sympathy in the general public. Many people stand and witness such heinous crimes in progress, without protesting at all. He hopes that via this film, people’s attitude would change and they would come ahead and help. He has decided to start a campaign to the same effect called Spot of Shame.

Wethinks it is a noble deed taken up by the critically acclaimed director and we too, hope to see some change in the general public’s attitude. Hai na peeps?