After Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor styles cousin Arjun Kapoor!

It seems Sonam’s sister will soon become the official stylist for the Kapoor khandaan!

Rhea Kapoor, who has been sister Sonam Kapoor‘s fashion guru for years, styled her cousin brother Arjun Kapoor for Man’s World magazine last week. He was so happy with the results that he has now asked her to style him for his film’s promotions next. Read on…

How did you come to style Arjun?

He called to ask me if I would style him for the magazine. I did. And now he’s asked me to style him for the promotion of 2 States which starts soon.

Are you planing to style other actors as well?

I have expanded my team and hired more people but right now I am keeping styling within the family… But I am not hogging them. For Khoobsurat, Karuna Langlani has done a fantastic job on Sonam, it’s a completely different wacked-out look!

Let’s talk about the look you’ve given to Arjun…

I gave him a more youngish look, it’s very James Dean-inspired and yet very modern and very Arjun. There are a couple of looks that are laid-back too as we have tried to showcase different sides of his personality. It’s skimming the surface and experimenting with some stuff that he likes or dislikes. This is just the beginning for him. Arjun has a strong personality and we are just getting started.

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Who is easier to style — your sis or cuz?

Both are cracked (laughs) yet both are super to work with, in their own way. It’s fun! Styling for my family is an offshoot of what I love to do. But production is my true love.

What is more fun — styling a girl or a guy?

People feel styling a guy is a cakewalk but actually it’s much harder. Guys’ clothes require proper finishing, tailoring, fit etc. Men’s styling has more complex elements. Girls are simpler and more basic. With Sonam it’s more of an adventure. While with Arjun or dad it’s more of a science to keep it correct. Men can make a mess of wearing something as simple as a pair of track pants, while with women you can never go wrong with a little black dress unless something is really wrong with her.

Who’s next? Cousin Mohit Marwah?

He is just starting out. Let him find his space and then he can take a call. Nobody wants anyone telling them what to do, which includes styling.

And your brother Harsh?

Sonam and I have worked naturally since we were kids. With Harsh let’s see… First he has to audition for me! (Laughs) Of course, I will if he asks me. But I have seen that with my family it’s never like a planned thing.

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We know Sonam and Arjun are very close. What is your equation with Arjun?

We are all like best friends and really close to each other. We take each other’s case all the time. We are all super honest with each other!

One actor and heroine you would love to style?

Heroine would be Rekha not because she needs it, but because she’s a major style icon. She’s so glamorous that I would want to just play in her closet! Amongst actors I would like to style Saif Ali Khan as I like his sense of style.

Story text and image courtesy DNA