AGENT VINOD: ‘Pyaar ki pungi’? Or ‘Love’s pipe’?

Pyaar ki pungi can sound weirder – if you translate it into English!

Saif Ali Khan’s song Pyaar ki pungi in Agent Vinod is hilarious not only because of his weird dance steps, but also because of its lyrics. It has faced its share of controversies, especially with regards to its source of inspiration, but you cannot deny that the lyrics are laugh-out-loud worthy. The words, by Amitabh Bhattacharya, are cheeky, fun and totally over the top! The spy thriller is set in several countries other than India; and we wondered how viewers watching it there will make sense of this nonsensical song. We reimagined the song in English and found the hilarity doesn’t get lost much in translation. Take a look and tell us what you think!

O meri jaan, o meri jaan

Mere ko majnu bana kar

Kahaan chal di, kahaan chal di

Pyaar ki pungi baja kar

Pyaar ki pungi baja kar

Oh my life, oh my life,

Me into Romeo you made and

Where are you going, where are you going

Love’s pipe after playing

Love’s pipe after playing


Bangle ke peeche hai taala

Ghusu kahaan se main saala

Laila ki khidki khuli hai

Khidki ke neeche hai naala

Khidki pe koi khada hai

Laila ka taaka bhida hai

Mazzey udaati hai..

Meri mohabbat ki booch maar ke

Bungalow’s behind there is lock

Enter from where shall I, darn it

Laila’s window is open

Window’s below is a gutter

Window at someone is standing

Laila’s hooked up

Pleasure she is flying

My love’s lid after hitting


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