AGENT VINOD trailer: Saif Ali Khan reveals his true identity!

This Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer, directed by Sriram Raghavan promises to be an edgy and engrossing thriller

The promo starts with a set of mysterious men torturing him so that he discloses his true identity. But this sexy spy is no namby-pamby; he’s a tough cookie who mocks whoever wants to know his real name. From singing ‘My name is Anthony Gonzalves’ in a contemptuous tone to resorting to fake sobriquets, Agent Vinod looks like an interesting combination of thrill and action. Saif Ali Khan looks dishy in this out-and-out adventure flick with his stylish stubble, fashionable trench coats, and sleek suits. You see very little of Kareena in this teaser and the spotlight is on this awesome agent who performs cool stunts, rides a rugged bike and finally reveals his real name in between all the escapades he’s indulging in. Mahender Sandhu aka Agent Vinod manages to enthrall us with its James Bond-ish feel. Slated to release on March 23, we wait for Saif to blow us away. Watch the first trailer of the film and tell us what you think.