AGENT VINOD: Will he ever say, ‘Jiyo aur Marne Do’?

If Agent Vinod is the desi James Bond, then is this what Live and Let Die will be in Hindi?

Saif Ali Khan has been promoting Agent Vinod as the Indian James Bond. He even wants to build a franchise around his RAW agent. Will his next film have an English title? That makes us wonder, how will James’ movies sound if they had literally translated Hindi titles? We bring you our take on our fave James Bond movies and their hilariously funny Hindi titles, but can you tell us what Quantum Of Solace will sound like in Hindi? Leave us your contributions in the comments box below and we’ll acknowledge the best ones:


Sona ungli

Dr No

Doctor Nahin

From Russia With Love

Roos se Pyaar ke Saath

You Only Live Twice

Tum Sirf Jeete Ho Do Baar

Live And Let Die

Jiyo aur Marne Do

The Man With The Golden Gun

Aadmi Ke Paas Sunehra Bandook

Golden Eye

Sunehra Aankh

Tomorrow Never Dies

Kal Kabhi Nahin Marta

The World Is Not Enough

Yeh Duniya Kaafi Nahin Hai

Die Another Day

Marna Kisi Aur Din


Aasman girna


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