‘Agneepath’ is mindblowing: B-towners’ review

‘Agneepath’ is mindblowing: B-towners’ review

Bollywood celebs who watched Agneepath at a special screening are raving about the performance of Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt

Karan Johar’s Agneepath remake has received a positive review from Bollywood celebrities, who attended a special screening of the much-awaited movie in Mumbai. The Monday night screening saw attendance from celebrities like Arbaaz Khan and Arjun Rampal and they are all impressed with the remake of the 1990 film. The Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra-starrer, directed by debutant Karan Malhotra, is set for release this Thursday.

Here’s what B-town had to say about it:

Manaayata Dutt: ‘I loved Sanju in the film. He has done a fabulous work.His look and acting… I really liked a lot. In real life he is a very good, pure-hearted person, but in this movie, he has played such a contradictory character. He has played this role with so much confidence.’

Preity Zinta: ‘@priyankachopra @iHrithik @kjohar25 All the best 4 the Film guys ! All of u did a great job in…. Agneepath … Agneepath….Agneepath !!’

Sophie Choudry: ‘@iHrithik is simply outstanding! @priyankachopra & Rishiji r brilliant. As 4 Sanju, words can’t describe the evil he is! #Agneepath SUPERB!’

Arjun Rampal: ‘It was mindblowing. It’s a superb film. Go and watch Agneepath. You guys are going to be blown away.’ He also tweeted: ‘Just saw Agneepath superbly entertaining, @iHrithik is fab as usual, Sanju is bloody scary,Rishi Kapoor is unreal,priyanka fab,dir is a star.’

Zayed Khan: ‘All the performances are fabulous. Finally, superb kind of movies are back. It’s amazing. Hrithik, Sanjay, Priyanka, everybody was outstanding.’

Arbaaz Khan: ‘I think the director has done a fantastic job and it’s a very good remake of the earlier Agneepath. Sanjay’s performance is fantastic, Hrithik is looking very good and he has acted very well as well. I think the star of the film is the director.’

Dino Morea: ‘I think the remake that they have made is amazing. Hrithik and Sanjay have done a fabulous job. It was fantastic.’ He also tweeted:’Just saw Agneepath, brilliant. Full on entertainer. Performances awesome. WoW. Fab job karan malhotra, for a 1st time director, top class.’

Uday Chopra: ‘Saw Agneepath..whatta movie! brilliantly directed @iHrithik is plain awesome and @priyankachopra makes Kali “Shine” all the best @kjohar25′

Farah Khan Ali: ‘An unbiased opinion. Agneepath moves you like u cannot even imagine. A total “MUST” watch. @iHrithik @kjohar25 @priyankachopra @duttsanjay’.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • poomak

    where is the old amitabh bachchan did he not go for the premier is he sulking for his son did not get the role or that hrithik completely overshadowed his son in dhoom 2 due to which he cannot appreciate hrithik

  • A t u l

    bakwas hogi mve i knw amit g ka muqabla krna mushkil hai me to nai jauga mve dkhne or hritik ki to kbe nai bs don2 me dkha tha usko. .

    • rohit

      are yaar who is the ab . really i dont know about the ab u just think about which kind of history created in the these year by the only one actor that is ” Hrithik roshan ” bring the all the entertainment in these year . and also he will got the best filmfear awar and then oscar . no body can compitate to them he is the only one person no body can achieve to him . he is brilian person has god get to us in these kind . u must see this film after then talking his performance.

  • Bhasker

    MAN CANT WAIT….THIS MOVIE will write new Success History on BOX OFFICE….and guys whether u lik a actor or not but learn to RESPECT a good well made movie….HRITHIK will go into hollywood league n ROSHAN our country and no one can stop him……………AGNEEPATH AGNEEPATH AGNEEPATH

  • mayank

    hritik is bestest than both of srk and amitabh

    • abhinav marda


      • Parth

        SRK fails to copy Amitabh twice. Watch New Agneepath and comment again…

      • Ratan

        Aise bahane dene se koi hit nahi hota hai…abhi uska hal sabse ganda hai….industry me…

        • tush

          srk ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………………srk is noob okkkkkkk…..hrithik is always best then srk….

          • raffu

            Hritik is noone compared to SRK! SRK rules the world and has been ruling from the last 20 years!

  • Hemanth

    Guys!!! lets do not blame any one!!! its hard to believe for few people…. but this is true???? HRITHICK the best rest follows him…

  • Nimesh

    As compared to the previous,It was so natural than expected,No extra efforts required to make it a huge hit.Only Natural acting of Hrithik has shown that,there is no requirement to copy what Amit uncle did.Hrk Bhaiya has well proved,how and he can play the character best.There is a better direction,as In the earlier 1990Agneepath-Hero’s character was in an effect with the “huin hain style played by amit uncle”..but,We think the hero requires a natural acting and Hrk has done this well.U all will agree with this,If you are not partial and not jealous of Hrk,and If you jealous of Hrk and say something opposite,then it also means spark.Thanks to the Director Karan Malhotra…”Kindly make the remake of movie “Hum”..Cast Hrk,Ranbir and Ajaydevgan by taking a very less age differnce…It will be the biggest hit……

    • nagaraj

      i totally agree with u…..i’m a big big fan HRK

  • raj

    y u guyz fighting….. watch mahesh babu of south he not star now he is a brand…

    • NIMESH

      I like mahesh babu’s acting…but u can’t make him stay infront of Hrk…He is too good….If you have 2 compare a south indian,then compare on the right base…Allu arjun can be compared as he is versatile with his dance moves and acting too.