AGNEEPATH movie review: Hrithik Roshan lifts the film

AGNEEPATH movie review: Hrithik Roshan lifts the film

Hrithik Roshan’s understated yet powerful performance and Rishi Kapoor’s strong portrayal of the baddie shine through in this otherwise lacklustre remake

There are great expectations from Agneepath for three main reasons: it is a remake of an Amitabh Bachchan flick, it’s produced by Karan Johar and has a huge starcast. But I wonder why? In any case the original Agneepath had tanked at the box office at first, only to have been recognised as a cult classic later. In a way, this one’s not just a remake. Director Karan Malhotra has taken the basic plot and played around with it.

Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (Hrithik) is out to avenge his father’s death at the hands of Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) and reclaim the respect of his village, Mandwa. In the process he becomes a criminal who uses powerful people to come up in the ranks. Karan has made loads of changes to the story and that’s absolutely fine. The point is that he fails to make it relevant to today’s times. It still has all the typical filmy ingredients of the late ’80s and ’90s – a childhood romance, a maa delivering a baby on the street with women holding their saris to cover her, the hero’s sister being assaulted by one of the villains and the hero mouthing sentimental lines as he bleeds to death. The way the village of 1977 is portrayed feels quite outdated and the concept of a villain leading a military rule so close to a metro like Mumbai in the ’90s is also a little unbelievable.

At the end if it all, you wonder what the real point of remaking this film was and you have no real answers. Especially in the first half when the story gets quite predictable and moves at a snail’s pace. The second half gets more gripping when Hrithik goes all out to take his revenge and comes face to face with the evil Kancha. But the long drawn lead up to it has left you exhausted by then. The climax is gripping though. And you do want to whistle when Hrithik mouths the famous Amitabh Bachchan lines: “Naam Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. Baap ka naam Dinanath Chauhan. Gaon, Mandwa.” Thankfully the dialogue has been used only once and in the right place.

The performances are good and that’s what keeps you hooked. Sanjay Dutt’s Kancha is much more menacing than Danny Denzongpa’s in the original. He looks evil and brings a madness to his character. But some of his dialogues really let him down. Even though she tries really hard to impress her audience, Priyanka Chopra as Kaali doesn’t have much to do at the end of the day. The boy who plays the young Hrithik has given a commendable performance and so has the girl who plays Hrithik’s teenage sister. Rishi Kapoor manages to carry off the vulgar character of Rauf Lala quite convincingly. He is uninhibited and delivers a sparkling performance. Deven Bhojani also impresses as Rishi Kapoor’s mute son. And finally, Hrithik Roshan, who is the saving grace of the film, comes up with a gritty and strong performance. He tries his best to bring the angst and bitterness of his character to life, but is let down by the screenplay. Compared to the original, Hrithik’s Vijay Chauhan has fewer dialogues and punch lines. His character is more humane and sensitive than that of Amitabh’s ruthless one. The director tries to portray Vijay as an underdog who finally accumulates the inner strength to overpower the evil Kancha. This change in characterisation works to an extent. Sadly, the screenplay doesn’t allow you to feel as strongly for him as you would have liked to. But his breakdown, his rage and his pain in the last few scenes lift his performance and the film.

Neither is Agneepath a great film nor a terrible one. It’s ordinary. It’s gripping in parts but suffers as a whole. Unfortunately for Karan Malhotra, unlike Don or Devdas, there’s only that much you can do to contemporise Agneepath and make it relevant for today’s viewers. Watch it for Hrithik’s performance and a few dramatic moments, but only if you are willing to sit through three hours of an intensely filmy movie.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • radhika

    had gr8 expextations…but was let down..its an ordinary film at best

    • Dileep anand

      Hrithik was awesome and dominated old agnipath dina nath chauhan

      • nice movie

        nice movie

        • mack

          In this era hrithik is best actor . superb acting in agneepath , also superb acting in guzaarish to. no one can act like this,spesilly sharukh & salman khan

          • devanandjadhav


  • Parth

    Excellent movie. Only Hrithik can do it. SRK & Abhi must watch it to learn how to pay tribute or act in a remake.

    • ronty

      who r u buddy……father dont learn from his son

  • vijendra

    great movie

  • imran

    mind blowing movie…….Hrithik is awesome

  • RAVI

    good movie but expectation was very good

  • Khan

    Its horrible movie, too much blood and violence, and too lengthy dat make u headache.

  • Shujaath

    Sanjay Dutt Superb Perfomance I Liked the Way Sanjay Let his Chracter in this movie awesome Sanju baba I love Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    hi hritak,

    tumne mehenat to kee per kaya zaroorat thi AMITABH ka muqabla to kar nahi sakte,kuchh aacha kar ke BAAP DADA KA NAAM ROSHAN kiya jata hai , tu mhere baap dada ka naam to already “ROSHAN” hai .

    moral of the story , tumhe achha kaam karne ki zaroorat hi nahi hai and u r doing that. KEEP IT UP.

  • Sonu

    Hrithik ki itni dhulai maine pahle kabhi nahi dekhi…. Its really sad he did this movie and spoiled his image.
    Karan johar ne Hrithik ka charector bahot weak banaya hai isme. Last ke 5 minute ko chor de to har jaga sanju baba ne uski bahot dhulai ki hai….
    Shame on u Hrithik I am big fan of you but dont do any movie with Karan Johar in future also show anger not weakness.
    Jab tu gussa hota hai to aisa lagta hai jaise tu samne wale se kaap raha hai.

    • shinu

      hey sonu .do u know what is acting dude

      • Sonu

        villain se poori movie main maar khana kon si acting hai yaar. Tune kabhi Amitabh ya Dharmendra ko itna pitte hue dekha hai.
        I am just suggesting Hrithik that you are a star so learn to maintain your image.

    • Ali The Great

      Tats Correct Dude This Is Ali

      • deep

        oye sonu nd ali bhul gaye kye DAR movie me sunny pazzi ne kaiede se tere favr. srk uncle ki dhulai ki thi….

  • shivam

    gud muvi…bt lack of stunning dialoges..//
    well done hrithik n sanju..//

  • rita

    i love u hrithik….

    • Mohammed Ali


    • Mohammed Ali

      Ritaaaaaaaaaaaa I Lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chummmmmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chummah Chumah De De U r My Sheela Sheela Ki Jawani aur Meri JUngli Billi aur Meri Chikni Chameli Ritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I Like u Love Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Hearttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Anand

    Awesome movie..Superb performance by Hrithik….and credit to Rishi and Sanju baba…….Salmaan and Sharukh should learn how to act in a reamke from this movie , their Don2 , Ready , Bodyguard was worse ..:-)

    • Mohammed Ali

      Hi Idiot Salman Khan N Srk Is the Father of Hrithik In acting dnt tel to learn from Son k U idiot U hav to learn from me hw to comment k stupid donkey monkey rascal M a big Fan of Salman N Srk hrithik is 1000 times waste fellow compare to two of most beautiful Khan in Bollywood N rishi also waste fellow he need to learn frm his Son Ranbir k Only my fav Sanju baba is better in this Movie kkkkkkkkkkkkk Hrithik is good in making childrens Movie kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • raaaj

        aur tere ghar me behain he usai boll umaaaahhhhh ha haha

      • raaaj

        chodu bhadkau

      • deep

        srk uncl se bolo kuch sikh le hrithik se….. my name is khan k bad hr movi me MANDBUDHI (mntl) lag raha hai.. ab usko bolo us crctr se bahar aa jaye…..

    • raaaj

      re bevdai mohd aliii hritik k jaisa acting karke dika boll

  • Rovers

    Dear All

    Dont look this movie and compare with the old….this is something new with the old plot….and I think….full credit goes to both of the Karan..Hrithik is superb….he is awesome to watch in every second….sanju is also good with some typical insane manarism(i think this helped him to act)….but really a tough role for hrithik…no such manarism…no punch lines except one….only rage and simplicity….hrithik is the best directors actor in todays bollywood….the movie is full of emotions and masala…loved to watch it again…kudos to the team

  • mayank

    good movie but u can watch is only one time…..

  • Indra

    I am sure it will be an ordinary movie but media is hyping it so much as usual. Trailors of this film looked so boring untill the chikni chameli came along. I think that item song must be the only entertaining moment in this film.

    • tones

      did u watch the movie!

    • rohit

      Hey indra tum bodygaurd jaisi movie ke hi layak ho aur usi me apna time waste karo..


    superb movie awosome ………. good job HRITIK GOOD JOB

  • amar

    Will tou Please write about agneepath otherwaise no one see this page.

  • Dipak

    This film is very very sexy,and katrina is very hot

  • suka

    Hi,radhika i love you and i like your body

  • rohit

    What a movie! ! ! !

    Hritik & Rishi kapoor r the star performer in the movie
    Sanju is ok bt nt too good
    I think Priyanka is not up to the mark
    dont compare….
    bt it is definitely better than the Amitabh’s Agneepath!

  • Jishu

    Agneepath 2012 did make me sit through the 3 hours with just a break – no not the interval but when that chawanni chhap dance – Chikni Chameli was on! Katrina should slap herself hard if she thinks her item song had made a difference to the Box office – it was gross. The movie almost manages to stir you in your seat- Hrithik R has never been better than this portrayal of Vijay Dinnath Chauhan.There was one scene when his sister comes to meet him for the first time – that scene was a clincher – you got to see it to believe it. Simply captivating…Sanju has re-written Bollywood villainy with this incredible menacing act – manages to make a mincemeat of your “Dimaag..” But the most awesome act was without a shred of doubt was Rishi Kapoor in the role of Rauf Lala – he might have done a lot of stupid movies in his heydays but as they say -in anycase, he has got the genes of the masters of Indian movies and that shows in this superlative act. Though there were few cinematic licences taken, but that’s for maintaining the pace of the movie. KARAN MALHOTRA is the next JOHN WOO(seriously) of Bollywod if you get my drift – he has packaged revenge in all its finesse, emotions & its pathos. I seriously wish this movie becomes a hit if only to encourage new directors like Karan Malhotra.

  • subrat

    A must watch movie. stand out performance by hrithik. sanjay is evil and good. rishi is alsao done his part. bt see it for the excellent performance of hrithik….. no one of this time can do this movie better than him…….






  • Manisha

    owesome movie agneepath. and Hrithik u r the best

  • dharmveer singh

    kindly send the movie agneepath

    i waiting for your reply

  • krishna

    movie is good, but hrithik heroism is not charecterized properly, whenever he appears just background music will play thats all, sentiment scenes are good he performed amazing in those scenes , but too much of slowdown in the movie, sanjay as kancha and rishikapoor’s acting was fabulous, priyanka chopra was too good.
    katrina as chikni was good, but i didn;t like her as a item girl.

    so overall movie was 3 star rating, for me but my friends given 4 star rating.

  • nihaal

    Hrithik sooper,no one can do better than him as vijay except amithab bachan

  • bhupenderegusain


  • Nalini

    What a pathetic review !!
    The movie was superb unlike your article Ms Suparna Thombare.

  • raghu

    hey r u mad…
    Whoevr is the reporter…
    Its a very grt movie n far better thn don n devdas…

  • sundas

    ohh shut up u stupid writer of dis article….u r mad or illiterate dat u dint understand d movie….d film is just awesum nd not only acting but every part of d film is superb……….hrithik was d best………..d movie is d biggest hit of all time…………..

    • pankaj

      Agneepth movis very intrsting story and the succseful film

    • Rakesh M

      I agree with u sundas.. This article clearly shows the immaturity of the writter and her stupidity.. Its a very nice movie with wonderful climax. Its not always necessary to compare films. We all know that changes have been made to the original movie.. so how we xpect the same sort of dialogues in both the movies/??

  • samir patil

    kancha is good and ilove the priyanka acting the story of that film is very good but one thing would i like to say main essential shot in film is the CHIKNI CHAMELI i love the katrina danc nd she. marathi boy ajay atul give the fantastatik music in film background sound i think this film break recoord of the gajni

  • poomak

    well of course the movie is the same as the 1990 one and it is repacked which everyone knows it is a plain simple revenge story which were famous in those years but being reshot now it has been shot differently and made more interesting for todays audience choice there was nothing special in agneepath but i always believe it is always the actors who make or break the film with their craft and hrithik always makes even the most ordinary script film come alive kudos to him if abhishheetk was given this role then karan johar would have had another diaster in his hands and would have to remake it again for abhisheet does not put any effort unlike hrithik

  • Ritu

    hritik sahab ye kuch jaruri to nahi ki aap jab bhi gussa ho to aap ka muh(face) buri tarah se kapne lage. it look so funny, pls try to improve your engry young man acting, u look much better in loverboy or sweetboy.

    • Rakesh M

      Ritu.. I think every actor has got some uniqueness in him.. and I believe, we love him because of that. Now, for instance, we cant complain abt salman becoming partially nude in almost every alternate movie or the king khan crying at every emotional point of his movie. They do it because its their way of representing a particular plot.. and this uniqueness makes them successful actors.
      i think you are aware of the fact that Hrithik has been already awarded with 6 FILMFARE AWARDS till date…

      • srujana

        finally somebody is with me.

  • Anand

    One of the best Movie..For Hrithik..Acted really well..

  • Chandra

    Pity you did not like the movie. I was a hoot and a half for me. totally engrossing. But then, I m a guy. So our tastes might differ.But folks, if you are reading my comment, go watch it without bearing the original in mind.. and you’ll be blown away.



  • Subrata Mukherjee

    A complete bakwaas movie. Thought of coming out in between.

  • bittu;kumar

  • Hritik

    What a rubbish movie i ever watch. Bakwas movie hai super flop movie of the year. bad acting by Hritik but sanjay is good and chameli is mind blowing. Hririk super flop hero only gives hit movies in his fathers’ project. first learn how to act in movie and come to play movie hrk

  • siddhant

    firstly i want to say that the movie is fantastic .I cant say about other but i loved the movie . hrithik is great .Although there is few dialogues.hrithik did a splendid work . kanch & rough lala good. whoever saying that film is not good they dont know the meaning of good film.


    nice picture

  • Betmaster

    Amitabh Bachchan doing a Hindi vrseion of Al Pacino was most of the charm in the first vrseion of Agneepath. In this trailer, Hritick just seems to look sexy and get beaten up a lot. Sanjay Dutt’s masterful villainy should appeal to people who enjoy a wicked imagination and lots of violence. Give me a good song and dance, silk sari romance any day. KJo should stop hanging on Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets and get back to telling good stories, not just sado-masochistic titillaters like this.

  • Salman

    Hi.agnipath super movie.sanju bhai excellent acting.hruthik sister very beautiful.nice film.

    • Arcely Paredes

      I watched Kites recently on Netflix here in San Francisco, California. . To my surprise I read all the reviews about Kites from so many places here in India and I was able to understand that people who didn’t like this movie, who didn’t love this movie are not ready for things this big!. They are not ready to move forward. Maybe people were expecting to see a lot of Bolliwood dancing, something that is included in all Indian movies and not in Kites. Not understanding Kites means they are are tangled with the past. Not ready to see something so fresh and beautiful and able to understand that “different” is beautiful too and not wanting to see forward. We have loved it here in America. Unfortunately in America we don’t hear about the upcoming Indian movies. Kites is a beautiful love story,a beautiful movie that ends in a tragedy, but BRILLIANTLY played by Hrithic Roshan and Barbara Mori. I really loved it. I think , like I said before, if you didn’t “get it” it’s because your stuck with the past and the past won’t let you see forward. Thank you because I was able to love this movie> Thank You for the music it was wonderful! And THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MADE KITES POSSIBLE. I also was able to watch Agneepath on you tube. I did’t understand anything because it had no subtitles, but there was no need because Hrithic just spoke with his eyes all the time. ! He was great, as usual, and so everything he does. Good Soul of this beautiful human being. I would really love to meet him one day !

    • sugar

      Its been over 25yrs since I last saw an Indian movie and my brother took me to see a movie kites and I love it.I now own the Dvd and I have seen this movie over and over again I do believe most Indian like the same song and dance movie thy need yo embrace change.H.R AND B.M were superb the english remake was a great boom?? we in the west are real happy with english sub.I believe the rumors between Hr and Bmhad some thing to do with the movie not been a hit in India,the chemistry between them were so good I wish some day we will see them in a movie???the comment on kites posted may 21,2012superb H.R great actor with a soul.

    • sugar

      Its been over 25yrs since I last saw an Indian movie and my brother took me to see a movie kites and I love it.I now own the Dvd and I have seen this movie over and over again I do believe most Indian like the same song and dance movie thy need yo embrace change.H.R AND B.M were superb the english remake was a great boom?? we in the west are real happy with english sub.I believe the rumors between Hr and Bmhad some thing to do with the movie not been a hit in India,the chemistry between them were so good I wish some day we will see them in a movie???the comment on kites posted may 21,2012superb H.R great actor with a soul.

  • ajo

    saale tu hrithik ko acting sikkayega. as far as acting is concerned kapoors and khans are no where near him

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  • Prameshwar Pramanik

    I was much dissapointed to see the performance or Hrithik Roshan whether blame to screenplay or the weightage given to the villainous roles of Sanjay Dutt & Rishi Kapoor (both are excellent). I think there should have been more scope for Hrithik…….it is not a different film just as ‘chaloo’ hindi masala film served with all the necessary popular ingredients!

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