AGNEEPATH Movie Review: See it for Hrithik Roshan’s heartfelt performance

AGNEEPATH Movie Review: See it for Hrithik Roshan’s heartfelt performance

Hrithik convincingly plays superman with an everyman core, but the film disappoints!

There are moments of great power in Agneepath. Debutant director Karan Malhotra, clearly a connoisseur of over-the-top Bollywood drama, piles on thunderous confrontations and punchy dialogues. So when Vijay Dinanath Chauhan gives his full introduction, which includes the name of his village Mandwa, as he knifes a hated adversary, you have no choice but to applaud. There is also some fine acting in Agneepath, notably Hrithik Roshan’s heartfelt performance as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. Stepping away from the long shadow cast by Amitabh Bachchan’s stylised take in the 1990 original, Hrithik convincingly plays superman with an everyman core. So he isn’t obviously larger-than-life. His eyes have an ache and when he breaks down and weeps, the anguish is palpable.

Rishi Kapoor as Vijay’s mentor Rauf Lala also goes bad with panache.

But the problem is that all of this skill, sweat and passion is servicing a standard-issue revenge story that wasn’t very interesting in 1990, and despite the ample tweaking and updating, isn’t very interesting now. Mukul S Anand, who directed the original, decorated the ordinary narrative with style. Bachchan, lounging in white suits or stepping out of the sea after a foiled assassination attempt, packed a wallop. Malhotra reserves his flourishes for the villain Kancha, who, as one character puts it: Mandwa ko Hitler ke concentration camp ki tarah chalata hai. Sanjay Dutt, channeling Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now, is effectively menacing but the character veers too often into cartoonish – why do bad men in Hindi movies laugh so much (here even a sidekick seems to have the giggles).

Agneepath is shrill in tone and morally specious – Vijay uses his earnings from crime for charity but finally this is a man whose prime business is cocaine and selling under-age girls (when he comes to power, he sets the girls free and this, I think, is supposed to redeem him in our eyes). The film is also long and loud, literally – the background score by Ajay-Atul bludgeons your senses. By the end, I was, in equal parts, exhausted and unsatisfied.

I really wanted to like Agneepath more. See it for Hrithik Roshan.

Two and a half stars.


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  • mishi

    did mrs.chpra see eklavya? I wonder her opinion on tht movie…..for me one of the worst!!

  • Jishu

    A Saturday spent in INOX is hardly the recipe for a fantastic weekend… though in hindsight, it sometimes throws a suprise ! Agneepath 2012 did make me sit through the 3 hours with just a break – no not the interval but when that chawanni chhap dance – Chikni Chameli was on! Katrina should slap herself hard if she thinks her item song had made a difference to the Box office – it was gross. The mo…vie almost manages to stir you in your seat- Hrithik R has never been better than this portrayal of Vijay Dinnath Chauhan.There was one scene when his sister comes to meet him for the first time – that scene was a clincher – you got to see it to believe it. Simply captivating…Sanju has re-written Bollywood villainy with this incredible menacing act – manages to make a mincemeat of your “Dimaag..” But the most awesome act was without a shred of doubt was Rishi Kapoor in the role of Rauf Lala – he might have done a lot of stupid movies in his heydays but as they say -in anycase, he has got the genes of the masters of Indian movies and that shows in this superlative act. Though there were few cinematic licences taken, but that’s for maintaining the pace of the movie. KARAN MALHOTRA is the next JOHN WOO(seriously) of Bollywod if you get my drift – he has packaged revenge in all its finesse, emotions & its pathos. I seriously wish this movie becomes a hit if only to encourage new directors like Karan Malhotra

  • Abhi

    Superb review! couldn’t hve been told better, great work by Anupama on this one. Now I can see someone who mite be able to replace Nikhat kazmi, honest and brutal yet not disagreeing with the positive shades.

  • Anonymous

    His eyes!

  • amar

    bogus movie and a real nonsense acting by the characters…. previous agneepath is far better (amitabh, mithun starrer) than this idiotic remake..

    Rithik is no way near to Amitabh, so is Sanjay dutt far away than Danny… luckily this idiot director didn’t include a Mithun’s duplicate..

    Don’t waste your time.. stay away from this crap..

    • jazib

      i think amar is wastin time in writin dis wake up !!!!!!

      • Boss_Grinz

        What Amar wrote is right, you need to wake up jazib, this is the new version of Agnipath purlzzzzz far from it, this movie should have been called love story instead

    • Rick Basu

      AAAbe oooooooooooo pehele to thik thak english bolna or likhna sik phir aakar burai karna.

    • Sana

      wake up maaan…. hritik nad that oldie…. no comparisons plz

      hritik needs a better competitor …
      agneepath 1 was waste of time and this 1 is 1000000000000000nd times better

    • jenny

      such an bogus n idiot guy u r … hrithik rocks… amitabh ki poori family ko hrithik se acting seekhni chahiye

  • Ati

    I think then your problem is not with Agneepath 1 or is this revengeful genre which is so not liked by you and going by dat logic it makes your entire review “biased”..Also I am sure you wouldn’t have even liked Kill Bill for the same reason..Get your Review reviewed from someone who is more unbiased..maybe you ll understand my point!!!!

    • revanth

      completely agree with you.

    • revanth

      if this film doesnt succeed at the box office i will completely loose faith in audience

  • revanth

    wow!!! what a debut for karan malhotra superb movie …………….all were gud ….epic movie

  • Praveen

    Sanjay Dutt has been phenomenal in the movie, certainly portrayed a larger than life character. It was simply impossible to overpower Kancha in the movie… the ending scene where Hrithik lift Sanjay, it makes the scene very unreal. This is where the movie falters. It required a far better role portrayal than what hrithik was able to deliver.

  • rohit

    Worst review!!
    I think u r sallu fan
    tumhare bas ka nahi hai ye kaam ise karna chhod do..tum jaise logo ko to Bodygaurd, Dirty picture,Ready jaisi ‘Super Kuda’ movie hi review karni chahiye..

    • harp

      Agreed, nothing he posted made sense. He needs a new job.

      • Rakesh M

        Hehe.. thats very true.. h surely needs one.

    • ragulasireesha

      sooperb boSS

  • ragulasireesha

    sallu fans shut u r mouths