Airlines is not based on the story of Kingfisher, says producer Nikhil J Alva

The new show based on the aviation industry will go on air by Sunday – and everyone is eagerly waiting to see the show

Tulip Joshi and VJ Yudhishthir’s Airlines was initially rumoured to be based on the debacle of Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines. When we got in touch the Miditech’s co-founder Nikhil J Alva, he had a totally different story to tell.

He said, “I think we have a very unique story. Strangely over the last six months there has been a huge number of incidents in the airline industry. Maybe, since we are doing this show, everywhere we look, we find something related to aviation stories. So certainly there are enough stories to work around and base on. We have not done anything regarding the Kingfisher Airlines.”

Well looks like the Mallyas will be relieved by this piece of news. Apparently there was also a rumour floating around in the media circuit that the show was to feature someone who looked a lot like Sidhartha Mallya. Guess, now that won’t be happening.

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