Airlines TV review: Though Tulip Joshi and Yudhishthir save the show; VFX spoils the fun

It’s a show based on the glitz, glamour, troubles and the hectic life of the aviation industry – and looks like every episode will be filled with a lot of drama

Tulip Joshi and Yudhishthir’s debut TV show has the potential to be interesting and engaging, but they need to work a lot of the nuances that they’ve completely ignored at the moment. The story The story of Airlines revolves around First Officer Ananya Rawat – the first female pilot of Indie Airlines. Her first day starts with an accident on her way to the airport. Her parents invested everything they have in order to make her a pilot – something her aunt never lets her forget. Her first day as she enters the pilot lounge, everyone makes it a point to show that the flight attendant’s lounge is the other way. On her first flight, the Captain has a heart attack and Ananya is expected to fly the aircraft solo. Captain Akash insists on helping her, but she refuses and asks him to behave like a passenger when he is one.

What’s Hot

Yudhishthir looks and portrays the part of a Captain to the T. At one point, he even appears to have some illicit agenda, but the first episode is just soon to judge his character, right? Tulip Joshi is a seasoned actor and has done a decent job. Her look is perfect and the calmness on her face is something most telly actors just fail to achieve. The show seems to be full of drama, which we believe is perfect to keep the audience hooked. The look and feel of the plane seems decent but not real.

What’s Not

The show is supposed to be based on how a woman achieves success in a domain that’s run primarily by men. The female flight attendant hates her – why? It could either be because Ananya is a pilot and she’s not, or ‘coz she assumes Ananya is prettier than her or that she worries no one will take her seriously ‘coz Ananya is obviously more intelligent that her. Frankly, this angle confuses us a little. As the passengers enter – it’s the job of the attendant to help them with seat belts. Why does Ananya feel the need to do their job is beyond us. Did she forget that she was a pilot and not the flight attendant? During the flight, when a passenger comes to know that the pilot of the aircraft is a woman and it’s her first flight, he begins to create an issue and insists that the pilot be changed. Frankly, it’s very bizarre to see anyone react like that – and totally far from reality. The plans has to do an emergency landing ‘coz the Captain has a heart attack. With great difficulty and in spite of crisis like unsuitable weather, spoilt radio – Ananya lands the plane alright. After the landing,  Ananya is showcased seeing passengers off the plane, isn’t that the flight attendant’s job – it seems like she has an identity crisis or the job description was not clear enough. The VFX used in the show are a complete let down, the sets though seem vibrant lack production quality. As for the uniforms – well hideous is all we could think of.


Tulip and Yudhishthir save the show. Airlines has drama but we are not sure how much research is actually involved. If the storyline is picks up, there is some hope or else this show will have to wind up sooner than 26 episodes. Watch it if you have a boring and uneventful Sunday.

Rating: 2 out of 52 Star Rating

Reviewed by Letty Mariam Abraham

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

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