Aishwarya Bachchan’s baby girl: A future Miss World?

That’s what Shobhaa De seems to think about Baby B. We disagree

Shobhaa De’s tweet congratulating Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan on their newborn surprised us. She said, ‘Little Miss World has arrived! Jai ho!Big B over the moon about Baby B.Someone sign up Ash as Ambassador for Girl Child, please?Worthy cause’. It’s not that we think Aishwarya’s baby girl cannot become a Miss World. First, there’s always the doubt if the competition will last another 20 years. Even if it does, Baby B will be a great candidate – with Ash’s good looks and Abhishek’s wit we are sure she’ll just sail through the pageant. What surprised us was that an eminent writer like Ms De, who considers herself a feminist, has already started comparing a less than-a-day-old-baby with her famous parent. Just because her mom was a beauty queen, doesn’t mean she has to be one too, right? Poor Abhishek has already had to deal with such comparisons for the past 35 years. Surely, we can spare Baby B from the intense pressure for at least a few more years?