Aishwarya goes super-curvy…

Aishwarya goes super-curvy…

Ash goes super-curvy and invites a lot of criticism that should make her run to the gym!

Poor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She insisted on an expansion of her name, which most people have now got right, but we are sure she did not bargain for an expansion of her shape to come as part of that deal. Over the past few months she has…err… bloomed alarmingly, with curves that she never had before, not even in Bride and Prejudice, for which Gurinder Chadha apparently told her to gain weight. Her face still looks as gorgeous as ever, but it is fuller and more ‘womanly’ than ever. But what we are rather concerned about is that Ash has developed curves that she never had and that not many approve of, considering that the media and fashion pundits have been calling her everything from ‘extra-curvy’ to ‘substantial’ to ‘voluptuous’ and – the latest made us giggle – ‘ample’. And recent pictures that have come out of the just-started shoot of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine show her formerly slim legs looking like they could use a good anti-cellulite treatment. But then, we have to say, if she is happy and her ‘baby’ Abhishek likes her nicely rounded, who are we to say all the bitchy things that we can think of saying? What goes of our Paa, huh?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sudhagar

    i love aish till my life ends…

  • ram

    It will be superb in whatever form and dress she is
    She is a world wide beauty