Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Fetching and fab at 40!

Wed, November 6, 2013 4:05pm IST by
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Fetching and fab at 40!

As unbelievable as it seems, the blue-eyed beauty recently blew out 40 candles on her birthday cake – and she’s still a heartthrob, ain’t she? You’ll certainly agree after checking her out as Filmfare’s cover girl this month…

It’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s birthday month and the beauty has graced the cover page of a popular glossy with her usual cool elegance. Ash looks stunning, alluring, enticing and bewitchingly beautiful, as always. Though it’s not a full-length shot, we can see the yummy mummy in a strapless dress in this one. With her lustrous hair let loose, the babe flaunts her curves as she stares into the camera. The seductive look in her eyes only adds to her sensuous avatar on the cover of the magazine. The tagline on the cover reads” ‘The Best of Filmfare: Iconic women who shaped our movie dreams’ – and Ash has been starring in so many dreams for so long! The former Miss World certainly looks like a dream in this picture.

While we can’t stop singing praises for Aishwarya as she looks in this shot, we wish that the cover wasn’t black and white. Wouldn’t the blue-eyed hottie look all the more glamorous flaunting her light skin and brilliant eyes? Anyway, we love Ash in almost every picture she stars in, especially now that she is almost back to her original fabulous shape. What about you, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Lila2525

    Why did this news source skirt the obvious – that Aishwarya is ridiculously photoshopped thin here and in person, she is at least 15lbs heavier than this photo. All magazine covers (and inside pages) of models are photoshopped to a certain extent, but this one makes both the magazine and the celebrity look ridiculous – especially a celebrity that claims she is comfortable with her current curvy beauty. She should take issue with the magazine for making her look 3-4 dress sizes smaller. While its OK and expected for all magazines to photoshop out blemishes, and tighten just a bit – this sends the wrong message to women everywhere – and contradicts the messages Aishwarya herself has sent.

    Btw, in reading the whole article, I have to ask, does bollywoodlife work for the Bachchan family?

  • Lila2525

    where did my earlier comment go? I just posted it but its not appearing?