Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gains weight after pregnancy!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gains weight after pregnancy!

Instead of losing some of her flab after the baby’s delivery, the Bachchan bahu seems to have put on at least five to six kilos

If you look at the pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s recent public appearance with her mother Vrinda Rai at the L’Oreal Paris Femina Women Awards, you will notice that the superstar leading lady looks way bigger than the last time we saw her, which was at Riteish Deshmukh-Genelia D’Souza’s wedding. In fact, she looked a lot slimmer even at the press conference conducted by the Bachchans at their residence, Jalsa, immediately after the baby’s arrivaltake a look for yourself. But in recent photographs it seems as if Ash is heavier by five to six kilos at least and looks bloated. Don’t you think so?

You might think that we are being harsh to the lady, but we are not. We aren’t out of our minds to expect Ash would go back to her original svelte self or anywhere close to her Dhoom 2 sexy figure so soon. We are just a little concerned seeing her in this state, ‘coz most expectant mothers lose at least some, if not all of the pregnancy weight after the delivery.

We hope this just one of the unusual body tendencies or motherhood bliss showing up and nothing to really worry about. In such a case, all the Bachchan bahu needs is loads of free time and a good trainer to make her sweat it out in the gym. Maybe she can check with Kajol on that, ‘coz that lady has wonderfully knocked of all the pregnancy fat gained after two babies and is back in sexier shape than before!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • TSS

    This is disgusting! How could anyone make such a statement, then say that they are not being harsh? Having a baby does take its toll on the body. So what if she has put on a few kilos…. She has created a life, and that matters far more than looks!
    Why not support her in feeling good about herself post delivery rather than being shallow and critical of her figure. She will lose the weight with time, no doubt.
    Now, would it not be interesting to see what the author of this article does look like and see if he/she compares??

    • Concerned

      You are correct but I think Aish may be pregnant second time around………….Good Luck Aish…..hope its a healthy boy this time.

  • GTK

    What is the problem? Stuff like this is what is making girls now a days suffer from bulemia and other weight problems. She is enjoying her motherhood and not requesting any roles from you. I think you should mind your own business instead of wasting time on writing articles like this.
    She is beautiful always!

  • Anonymous

    You may need to get your eyes checked. She’s actually lost weight compared to the way she looked at Ritesh-Genelia’s reception. Try to remember correctly her face was all plump back then. Now I wouldn’t say she’s all the way there, but she’s making progress. She’s starting to look more and more “normal.” But ofcourse the pic you chose to compare her to was right after the delivery. It’s common sense to know that Aish is breast feeding and all of that and her doctor has probably advised her to eat well and eat for two because her daughter is getting that through the milk. Duh! So obviously she’s going to be more plump. Aishwarya actually looks healthy in the pic on right compared to on the left where she looks exhausted and worn out. Aish’s weight gain is old news btw you need to find something better to do than pick on a woman who is doing everything right for her baby. Where’s the story where you applaud her for being a trend setter and not being size 0 right after giving birth?

    • deepika

      yes u r right. she looks so weak in picture on left

  • Neil

    She’s healthy.

  • Neha

    Aishwarya Rai looked wonderful at the Dubai World Cup.So I don’t know what you’re talking about. She’s actually losing weight.

  • shamsa

    Goodness me you people just don’t know when to stop. She’s just had a baby for gods sake. Damned if you diet damned if you don’t. I have had two kids and its taken me nine months to lose the nine months of putting on the weight in the first place. There’s so much more going on in the world than who’s looking fat. Grow up. She’ll lose the weight when she’s ready.

  • YouIdiots

    WHat a bunch of fools to discuss her weight- cut her some slack and go get a life. Bolly B may be you need to hit the gym pronto and lose the flab in your head.

  • jas

    she’s a new mother for God’s sake!!! give her a break!
    She will be a yummy mummy always!

  • Sue

    People need to take it easy on her!! It’s not easy to loose all the pregnancy weight, and it takes time! and everyone is different. In my opinion she looks good and healthy! In my opinion strict dieting is not good, you need to be healthy and have as much energy to look after your little one. Motherhood looks good on her!

  • zouzouni

    mind ur business! people have nothing to do but judjing her and make her the discusion of the day?!!!
    ash u look amazing and u have allway been the icon of beauty allover the world!!u look beautifull as u have allways been!!!

  • paromeeta

    Hey its pretty clear that whoever wrote this article is either male or a lady who has never had children…it is so immature and clearly shows a lack of knowledge. It takes a woman’s body close to two years after delivery to get back to its natural shape.

    Most women gain weight post delivery while their bodies change (adapting to lactation and hormone levels resettling)…its absolutely normal….

    I’m sure in Aishwarya’s case she will get back to normal before two years as she is in an industry in which looks play an important role.

    But please get your facts correct when you write else just post pics but when you write please write accurately not tripe like this!

  • kryptic

    After the weight gain, she looks like the average Indian ‘aunty’ hahaah

  • Ash

    “We are just a little concerned seeing her in this state, ‘coz most expectant mothers lose at least some, if not all of the pregnancy weight after the delivery.”

    Have you even met a real-life pregnant woman or new mother? Some women NEVER go back to the size they were, and if they do, it’s from hard work. The women you see in magazines aren’t doing anything with their time other than working out 2-3 hours a day. I applaud Aishwarya for being comfortable in her post-pregnancy bod.

    Give the lady a break, she’s got more hormones running through her than a piece of Tyson chicken.

  • SSatish

    Can we just leave Aishwarya alone? already 9 mths of pregnancy news…then 3 months of baby name…and now weight loss. so what if she finally wants to eat healthy to make sure that her kid is healthy. All along, we preach that new moms should eat well, sleep well so that the baby is growing healthy. But people are very harsh when mom’s gain weight…its sadistic pleasure for people to taunt moms. why put so much stress on weight gain…when the lady has spent so many years sweating out and looking glamorous????live and let live..

  • UK

    Why is it such an issue with you guys if ARB has put on a few kilos ? Why do you market fat as being a taboo in society? Why cant you accept a woman for her personality, her attitude, her accomplishments rather than worrying about the layers of skin. Why is it so important to be skinny and not fat? Why is it so important to be fair and not dark ? Would you have published a skinny ARB who may have a gizzillion pimples on her face…may be you guys WOULD do that to advertise the zits and start promoting a zit remover brand!!! …tsk tsk tsk ! Get a life, a life not seen through a perfect camera lens but a life that is natural, pure and and seen through the eyes of a HUMAN ! I guess that would apply only if are not a robot with a robotic mind. Celebrate her motherhood, go hug your mom or your sister…CELEBRATE this gender for she is the one who God has awarded to bring life into this world.

  • mamun sultan nur

    Why is it such an issue with you guys

  • Anonymous

    What is the freaking big deal about this? So, she puts on weight – she’s not obese, she’s not unhealthy and it’s natural to put on weight after pregnancy. Why do you have to make a big deal about women being slim and unhealthily thin. It’s articles like this that degrades women by making a big deal about physical appearances!!! Horrendous article and I can’t believe it went through the editors board to have this published online!!!

    • Anne

      A very Good and responsible comment. Like it…

  • Ahmed

    What a ridiculous article! This article is sexist and just flat out low level journalism!

  • Aley

    This is SUCH a frickin’ RETARDED and denigrating article! Her reason for existence is not to please your eyes and conform to your antiquated, sexist, and narrow-minded idea of what a woman should look like.

    Wow. Who is the great editor who allows this kind of nonsense to be published? And why do you (the writer) still have a job?


  • gp

    She looks gorgeous and happy. Good for her for being healthy and well. How dare someone judge a woman who gave birth.

  • Abby

    This article is ridiculous and incorrect! Whilst breastfeeding, women feel hungrier and eat more to keep energy levels up. i doubt this article was written by an M.D. or even by a woman. #lackoffacts

  • Madhu

    I am guessing that this article was either written by a man who hasn’t seen his wife go through the phases of child birth or a lady who is completely out of touch with her maternal instincts. Women put on more weight after delivery as their appetite doesn’t switch off just because their uterus is now empty! It takes months for the bodily functions to go back to normal and even then it can never go back to being 100% pre-pregency like.The writer should try taking care of a baby that needs constant attention. It’s all well and good to say that all Aishwarya “needs is loads of free time and a good trainer to make her sweat it out in the gym” but is she does that then she will be criticised by these same people for neglecting her child in favour of vanity!
    Get your facts right before publishing something that can never be erased or altered!

  • Dia

    Seriously, people need to give her a break! This woman is expected to look perfect at all times…Why don’t you advise some fat men in B-town who look like they could pop a baby at any time! Sajid Khan, Satish Shah, Boney Kapoor seemed to be pregnant for a few years now…..yeah yeah I know nobody cares about these guys and they are not a big star like Aishwarya!People need women to look gorgeous while the men can get away looking like sacks of potatoes!

  • Gurs

    well look, let be fare, she made millions–no billions looking good and having fab body. This is the way of the world–she did not mind looking good and slim and enjoyed the money and the lime light consequently–now she FAT ASH –Motti ASh–Finally we will get a break from the bachans– Thanks god.
    Let have fresh face on the screen new diva–India is full of beautiful fat –sorry I mean slim gorgeous women.

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  • Kubs

    Write something that helps people grow and become better people. Will you?

    I feel the writer of this article is a woman who is jealous of her beauty. Ashwarya is not only beautiful but also a wonderful human being. She is rightly called the Woman of substance.
    And Remember she is a human being so its very very natural to put on a few kilos after pregnancy. I am a woman, who is newly married but can understand that it takes time for new mums to loose that weight. She looks stunning as usual. Let her be happy and healthy for her little baby!

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      And you look stunned as usual. Poor husband. Hope he is practicing cover the base fire the base routine with you.

  • M85

    This woman has ACHIEVED. Motherhood and ‘so called’ physical appearance… what a shallow, first-order comparison. Congratulations!

  • Shalini

    No other news???? Shame on the writer…

    • augastin

      go rape ur self and give us a new masala news . than i will write comment(shalini shared her in facebook). idiot

      • Seriously?!

        Wow, seriously? LOL who ARE you? You have the poorest grammar I have EVER read. I understand that english may not be your first language, but when you write you’re rebuttals, you just sound like an idiot! Nonetheless, I found your poorly structured comments hilarious…keep them coming!!

        And the author of this article is as shallow as shallow gets. Who are you to judge if she gains weight or not? There are so many things on a person’s mind after having a child and not everyone’s #1 priority is to become their pre-baby self right away. There are other things in life that matter more.

        Im not a big fan of her or any famous person for that matter, but leave them alone. a) they are NOT that interesting, and b) they do NOT owe you anything. If you are spending money to go watch them act thats your own damn problem; no one is pointing a gun at your head.

        I have no idea why I wasted time writing this comment. I just happened to see this crap open on my friend’s laptop and was appalled by it.

        I also had to say something to the moron that kept on commenting on everyone else’s comment.

        • Dr.Zitu

          “augastin the great”
          he/ she (just neglect the gender) made my day – - – -


        • Sudeshna Bannerjee

          “see this crap open on my friend’s laptop” – machine best used to watch sweet homo love and then swap spit in the shower no doubt.

      • Nikitasha

        There is SO much wrong in what you just wrote.. First of all, rape is not something to joke about. It is a serious issue that you seem to be undermining in your post here. Secondly, there is something wrong with this article. This is not news-worthy. Women should be celebrated before and after pregnancy. They should not be scrutinized on how much weight they gained.

  • Natasha Fernandes

    Give the lady a break, she just had a baby a while ago! Obviously it is going to take a while for her to get back in shape.

  • natasha fernandes

    whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

    • augastin

      ok ok than reading this who will u be ?. they r not wirting for u (s hole). dont raed this … common sense yaar.

  • Cami

    Who wrote this article? must be an almost extinct creature! Grow up and get a life. If she has gained weight,its her problem,she is not having your share of meal to get fat! let her take care of herself,while you guys get some serious news to cover up! In the meantime, read Harry Potter books.

    • augastin

      be always baby okay go read johny johny yes papa book. y r u writing comment idiot go first read all other book.

      • seriously?!

        Why are YOU writing a comment idiot. Learn some english!

    • augastin

      so i think u have some really serious news. u want to read some death news wht or political news or any crime news . idiot read this and make ur self happy. in srilanka 33,000 thousand people died but u fool have time to argue in pic. ( dont know go read that and lern why rajiv gandhi died)

      • Cami

        you learn how to form a sentence first. and then we all will learn what you are trying to teach. I wonder,have you been paid by the author of this article to fight with everyone who comments?

        • Sudeshna Bannerjee

          Why should LTTE augastin learn English to satisfy you, Miss Cami? He’s my wife and will soon have my baby and will be fatter than Ash.

  • Yeasin

    Whatever. She is no more going for a beauty contest. She is now a mom of someone.

    • augastin

      y instead of her u want to join in bikini part wht?. u know how she became mom .a_s H_L_.if u dont than let me teach .

      • Sudeshna Bannerjee

        augastin, tussi great ho. please marry me and have my baby.

  • Shameem

    wat an idiotic do u have to do with her gaining or losing weight. She has a husband to judge that. none of ur business

    • augastin

      when she act in flim we give money and see her . it is not ur business and tell reporter any thing . i like her than abi okay . now shut ur comment and sit. after dont even see her single move okay and dont post any comment of her.

      • seaman

        ^^great english bro

        • Dr. Zitu

          “when she act in flim we give money and see her .
          it is not ur business and tell reporter any thing .
          i like her than abi okay .
          now shut ur comment and sit.
          here after dont even see her single move okay and dont post any comment of her.”

          WOW!!! & LOLs – - – - -

      • Dr. Zitu

        augastin hats off to you, Ash really need more people like you – - – -

  • Rajendra

    Dose it make any difference to you dear? Apane AAp me Mast Raho Yaar.

    • augastin

      if u dont like it than dont read it . i m a fan of her for 14 yrs but yes i do feel about her she should not look like this but being a women she should be a mom but as an actress she should not. if she acts in a flim than see her as a wife of abi.. okay fool.

  • coolmom

    Ash have turned a role model to all moms showing that it is not the looks and figure that matters,it is the motherhood that matters.She fades her beauty to increase her baby beauty,
    by giving proper nutrition to baby.She don’t have to trim her body for a livelihood.She had proved herself as a spinster
    and now as a mother.Those who run behind the physical looks are dumb ,please find the inner beauty.The author writing these type of articles,if a male may leave her wife if she gains fat and if a female may not take a chance to become a mother.

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Interesting. You say “if a male may leave her wife if she gains fat”. Her means that the male is actually a female? So Ash and hubby are a lesbo couple?

  • Habib

    WOW … who cares!!??!!??


    Motherhood is all women no matter who yearn for we wish aish a very happy life with her family and she will be a beautiful and graceful lady in years to come .

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Don’t forget to collect your Nobel prize as you leave for your heavenly abode Pradeep.

  • Renu

    get a bloody life “Bolly B”! u must be leading such a sad and pathetic life…

  • Amjad

    get a bloody life “Bolly B

  • maharaj

    well look, let be fare, she made millions–no billions looking good and having fab body. This is the way of the world–she did not mind looking good and slim and enjoyed the money and the lime light consequently–now she FAT ASH –Motti ASh–Finally we will get a break from the bachans– Thanks god.
    Let have fresh face on the screen new diva–India is full of beautiful fat –sorry I mean slim gorgeous women.

  • sandra

    All heroines are judged on their pre amd post pregnancy look, be it Karisma, Kajol Sridevi…
    It is very unfair, I agree but this part of their job, they get fame, name and money for how they look and HELL YA Ash needs to drop the pounds. If she was a non filmi common woman, I don think people would care, but she is an actress, so too bad, comes witht the package!
    Getting emotional about it is pointless.

  • Nikitasha

    I agree with many posts here. This is an unnecessary article. It is promoting a culture where women are criticized for how they look all the time. This article should be removed immediately.

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Nikitasha, YOU should be removed immediately. You are probably “criticized for how they look all the time” as you say. If you can’t deal with your own ugliness, break the mirror, or yourself.

  • Sasha

    I understand the comments like so what if she has gained weight after Baby everyone does or it is her problem.
    The only thing I can say in favor of this article is that when you are a public figure and you have chosen to become one than your image becomes public property. Public have all the right to like or dislike your image. If the person being criticized have any objection they have a right to disappear from limelight.

  • marine9

    5 to 6 kgs… mother of god. she looks like she ate up a whole whale

  • ricky

    you guys should know that she had a baby, so its normal that her body its not yet in perfect weight. second, if she make a rigid diet, means that her milk will loose nutrients, which is not good for the baby, because than she have to take supplements to put her milk strong with nutrients. besides she may had doctors orders to not loose too much weight because of her milk, could be already weak. third, she have a baby to take care, and to pay attention, nights without sleep, anxiety because the baby cry all that things. in some women, the body takes a full year to get back to normal. i’m not a fan of her, but this article is kinda ridiculous…

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Well said ricky martin. Go gay someplace else


    dude you guys are ridiculous… is normal to gain weight after pregnancy……i bet if she wouldnt have gained weight you guys would have had problem with that also lol…..people would have said that she got surgery or something to remove that fat lol…….human in general can never be satisfied with anything in life…PERIOD

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Sally darling, you say period in all caps. Are you having one? Or can’t you, as you’re past menopause?

  • Dr. Zitu

    Since Ash is out of shape, out of job (at present only), but she is a mom now and she has loads of responsibility towards the baby Bachchan. I think it’s high time for dad Bachchan to sacrifice his BACHPAN now and to start working seriously by concentrating on concreting his carrier. By now he must do a little extra effort in learning some acting basics, a little dance and a little bit of action, as he is the only earning member among the Bachchan trio (i.e. Baby Bachchan, mom Bachchan & dad Bachchan).

    BTW I don’t see any problem in Ash getting fat as she took the pain of getting pregnant and delivering a baby, but I am really concerned about Sallu Bhai, he never got pregnant, never delivered a baby, never took the pains of breast feeding a baby, but still he is getting fatter and fatter day by day – - – - – why??

    I would say Sallu Bhai too need a good trainer who can squeeze out all the lazy deposited fat from under his skin.

    • Anonymous101


    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Correct. Sallu getting fatter and sarukh getting thinner. Must be gay love beteen two of them because Shahrukh’s seed going into Sallu. Bhai bhai. bye bye

  • Nana

    Ash is still beautiful as ever. I don’t know what the big deal is. Some people just need to mind their own business.

    • Sudeshna Bannerjee

      Wow, you must be blind. Follow your own advice and mind your own business

  • sahaj

    hai ash u r looking great may i see pick. for ur baby

  • rishika


  • Rishika


  • hello

    Guys, give her a break! She just had a baby.

  • Jag

    I find this type of journalism mean spirited and ignorant.
    MANY women have thyroid problems after they give birth… not to mention post pardum and a host of other problems.
    Aish may be a little heavier because it cannot be helped at this time. Thyroidism is a very frustrating condition.

    Why don’t you report on newsworthy stories instead of picking on a lady, who dispite what you may believe, is glowing and looks happy as a new mom.

    • MKM

      Please note that the lady you mentioned above is not a village girl from the country side. She is a celebrity, people have the right to inquire and talk about it

      • A

        Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean she is not a human being that has feelings and problems. What hypocrisy! First she’s criticized for being too perfect now that she gains some weight she is criticized.

    • DD watcher

      Shut up. How do you know what’s happening with her.
      Sounds like your problem not hers.

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  • jyoti

    looking so bhesi

    • Debjyoti Dutta

      tu bhesi.