Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks gorgeous and slightly slimmer in her recent ad

Posted Fri, August 10, 2012 6:30pm IST

Since Mrs Bachchan has reportedly charged Rs 20 crore for endorsing Kalyan Jewellers for two years, isn’t it obvious that the actor felt the need to shed some kilos?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s recent print ad pics remind us of her look in Jodha Akbar. She’s sitting on a palanquin, gracefully posing in an ethnic ensemble. But while we do think that the actor has made an earnest attempt to lose some weight, we don’t rule out the possibility that her pics are Photoshopped a bit as well. Ash looks like a coy bride in the print visuals. Adorned with heavy jewellery, we must say that Ash is glowing like never before. We like the subtle make-up look and the colour of her outfit. The bright red blouse and the dupatta with muted hues, embellished with shiny sequins and an intricate motif lends a very traditional touch to the Bachchan bahu’s personality.

We hear Sushmita Sen was the face of Kalyan Jewellers before they signed up Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. We wonder what went wrong… Did Sush opt out or did the brand honchos plan to get a new face on board? Well, whatever the case is, we think wherever Sush and Ash are together it definitely makes for a spicy story.

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  • ATUL

    yah,she looks slimmer.

    • suria


  • ralph

    thats called PHOTOSHOP you stupid indians

    • Mrinalini

      You know, you totally could have said that sentence without the “you stupid indians” bit and have made the same point and come out seeming a bit more intelligent.

    • anonymus

      You nobrainer and as usual not required to mention dumb wit non Indian, The news is lying and trying to prove that she has got back her gorgeous self and not just loosing her flab. I even agree with others that some fat people can look gorgeous. But Ash despite 1000 people attending to her to make her look good and with all that makeup and camouflaging hairstyle and dressing looks like crap after she gained lots of fat….I have seen many beautiful and gorgeous Indian women who are on the plumpier side and do not do a zillion things to look they way they look.. Ash is no match for them…..Its just hype…and now even that is not holding the truth…. plz tell her to come out in the open and face the media camera if she has really slimmed down and lost all her flab, why is she hiding inside the fort??

  • A

    Why do you equate gorgeous with looking slim first of all? Plus-sized people can’t be gorgeous? And ofcourse Aishwarya has been airbrushed. All celebrities get airbrushed, but atleast she looks like herself. She has not been photoshopped to look thinner though. It’s not like Rachel Weisz who looked unrecognizable after l’oreal photoshopped her pictures.And Demi Moore for some other brand.

  • Mrinalini

    Yeah, because I’m sure that they didn’t attack her pictures with photoshop? That almost never happens, right?

  • anonymus

    She is all covered up from head to toe to cleverly hide her huge frame.With serious photoshopping done,even an elephant will look like a deer…

    • anonymous

      i dont know y all the hype with ash and her weight, did it ever occur to u all that she is a NORMAL woman living a NORMAL life now that she has a baby and whether she wants to keep the weight or maintain it is entirely up to her, focus d spotlight on other more important stuff either than celebrities personal lives!

    • funnyman

      She is pretty though – no need for photoshop there. You on the other hand, are ugly inside and out. No amount of photoshopping can save you.

  • nri

    Ralph u must be loving INDIAN cinema to be on this page! For INDIAN cinema to be so popular it surely must have extremely talented n smart people. So dear clever ralph why don’t u use whatever brains u have n make some clever comments.

  • Sam

    Aishwarya Rai just remain only for ad
    her BOB are Hanging not straight